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At The Beach *pics*


I thought I'd post a few pics of Maggie and Roxie at the beach. I took them on Wed, it was such a gorgeous day and I begged my mom to let me go, which she agreed to if I took my sisters. Bleh so anyways onto pics!

Sniffing the ground when we first got there


Going up the sand dunes

Roxie coming downhill

Maggie coming downhill

Roxie posing

Maggie posing

Me and Mags walking

Me and Roxie<3

Me and Maggie<3

"family" pic :D

On the way to the parking lot, I saw these flowers and had to stop to take pics!

Also my little sisters


We all had a blast there and I'm so glad we went! Thanks for looking. :)

Awwwe! Those are some great pics. I love the downhill pics those are so great!!

Looks like everyone had a fun day!

the beach is a great was a beach day yesterday i see.  :)   I love that Roxie can write her name in the sand

awesome pics Megna - everyone (4 and 2 legged) looks great!

Those are great pics.  It looks like everyone had a great time.


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