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peyton is now 7 months old
« on: September 23, 2007, 02:56:35 pm »
it has been a long while since i had posted on here. lets see... today is her 7 months birthday. she got her heart worm meds as a month b-day and a kong full of peanut butter.  ;D i have been having problems truely bonding with her until yesterday. wow. i am still happy go lucky about it.

she was kinda upset about something. like mope-ing around the house not really wanting to play or anything and she came and sat on my feet and looked up at me. i asked her what the problem was and i bent down and she kissed my chin while she was still sitting. she usually would have jumped up and began to play but she was still calm. after she kissed me i hugged her and she started licking my arms with more force and i told her "i love you" and then she was all happy and wanted to play. then about 45 mins later i went to go potty in the human bathroom (hehe) and of course she had to follow me. (she likes watching the toilet flush!-weirdo!) and so i was done peeing and she sat up and put her paws on my knees and just looked at me. very lovingly and her head went sideways kinda like she was trying to figure me out. i said what peyt? and she kissed my chin again. i just looked her eyes and she kept looking in mine. i told her i love you again and i promise to god himself she smiled. she stood up and she put her chin on my shoulder as if she were trying to hug me. i put my arms around her and she started kissing my whole face, my hair, my ears, my neck and she looked at me again and kissed my chin and ran out of the bathroom.   :D i flushed the toilet and she came running. she sat there looking at the toilet and looked at me and barked! i forgot to let her watch. (i know more graphic than you probably needed to read) but so i had to flush again so she could watch. of course then she was content and then we could go play. but...

anyway...who knew that a bathroom could be the place for us to FINALLY have that moment where i knew i would do anything for her and viseversa. i can now say i truly deeply, compationately love her. she is my little girl.

later that night she did the whole thing she did before the bathroom bonding with darrin. she sat on his feet and made him hug her and tell her that he loved her and then wanted to play. :)
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