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Rody problem, General problem, or maybe not even a problem at all.


Hello everybody. ;D

Spazz is almost 9 mo now.  He is a rhodesian Ridgeback.  Im not even sure if this is a problem.  hehe I guess i should get to the point.  I see you guys reading, and waiting in anticipation/ irritation wondering when in the world do i plan on saying what it is I want to say. 8)  hehe Sorry im in one of my moods, well as i was saying. 

Spazz doesnt seem to eat enough.  He has grown a lot and it seems like his appetite isnt as big as he is.  He used to gorge one cup of food 3 times a day.  And would eat it all in one sitting.  Now he barely eats 1 1/2 cup two times a day.  Most of the time in the morning he wont finish his meal.  I feed him at 530am, he will eat a little bit and thats it.  I feed him again at 0830pm.  Sometime he will eat a full cup in a half but then sometimes he will only take a few bites.  Is this normal?  He doesnt look under wait.  He seems healthy.  He still hyper and energetic?  So im not really worried, but then again im really worried.  ( i know that made no since) :-\

He loves treats, and anything that isnt his food.  Im feeding him Real Nature. (it might a europian dog food) with Blank Angus(duck i think), fish and is supposedly 100% natural ingredients cold-pressed.  the pet store said it was there best food, it was between that science diet (being the 2nd best) and Eukenuba. These were the top 3 choises the pet store recomended.  The vet recommended Science diet...anyways im getting off the subject. 

I was wondering am i the only one with this problem?  Is it normal behavior because he growing? 

He's not the only one. Breeze, who is 8 months old, has been doing the same thing lately. I chalk it up to adolescence and am waiting patiently for it to pass along with all the other wonderful adolescent behaviors.

I think you'll see his appetite come and go. The important thing is behavior. If he's acting like himself, and is playful as usual with the same energy level, I think he's alright. Maybe he's cutting teeth and it hurts to chew right now? If you see any change in behavior and he's still not eating, I'd say that's vet-worthy. Otherwise, enjoy your temorary savings on dog food because soon he'll be eating you out of house and home!!


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