Author Topic: Found out about his background  (Read 2984 times)

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Found out about his background
« on: October 10, 2007, 08:35:27 am »
Well as some of you know  Zeus is are rescue  pup, We got him  from the shelter  were his mommy  and  siblings all were. All we knew is that  well the mom  got took away  from her owner. We were not sure if the pups  lived there or if  she had them in foster care.  Well this thanks giving weekend I found out the truth.

Zeus, mommy  Diamond IS a registered Rotti  She is papered etc.  IT  dont  matter now though sence  the SPCA  didn't get the papers. I guess the Spca got  Diamond  5 times or so and after the 5th time they  keep her owner  cant  get her. Well Iguess they  just got Diamond Breed to another  Papered rotti when well she got took.  SO  MY pup Is actually a papered rotti  if I could get the papers, (Unlikley sence  he is a r escue) I was just amazed to here this  another  rotti breeder in are area told me when I got zeus taht she thought he  was pure and   she told me she hear dthat  a breeder got her  dogs took.  I  never  really thought about it  till My  Cousin in law was telling me  the real  story  her  friend works at the SPCA.  IS that  cool