Author Topic: Update on Akuma, the howling, recently neutered, 7 year old Malamute  (Read 4260 times)

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hello all-
I wanted to visit you to tell you that all is well in our household with our 7 year old recently neutered almost de-adopted Alaskan Malamute, Akuma, aka Kuma.

The vet told us that the scaley-itchy rash he had on his groin that came a week after his neutering was some kind of bacterial infection.  He put him on another round of antibiotics and it is almost all heeled now. (He had been on 2-week's worth of antibiotics associated with his neutering.) Anyway, after the weekend from h*ll with him acting out, being aggressive and howling and whining constantly, he did calm down quite a bit.  I have concluded the rash was driving him crazy.  I need to put this thought away that if he starts acting nuts, then there is probably something bothering him/making him feel badly.

I can't help but think he got this rash thing in the vets office when he stayed overnight for the neutering. 

Last week we had a meter reader come, and since she couldn't read the meter through the gap in the fence, I had to hold the dog by the collar for her.  THAT was a mistake, as Kuma wanted to get that girl really badly.  He really hasn't lunged at anyone like that in my experience, but this girl was obviously petrified of him, and I think he was reacting to that.  He never did get loose or get to her, but he jerked me around a couple of times and I think threw my back out.  Man, he is powerful!

I finally got him a pinch collar this week, and so far, it has been great.  My 7 year old daughter usually holds the leash when we walk Kuma, and she has found the pinch thing to be really great when she wants him to move on.  A couple of times he has wanted to challenge other dogs out for walks, and she has been able to hold firm with him.  Yay!  I also make sure she says either "no" or "come" or something when he is about to get pinched, so he can associated the words with the pinch.

I have a question here.  Is there an easy way to get the pinch collar on and off?  I find it hard both ways, but especially getting it off.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

We went to a dog park this past weekend, and Kuma was like a puppy running around with the other dogs.  He had a few aggressive moments with two different dogs (one a great dane, another a german sheppard), but after they had their little spats then all they did was sniff each other.  I suppose this is how these dogs establish their dominance, and I assume Kuma won in that game, but who knows?

The weather has cooled here in Atlanta, and now Kuma is choosing to sleep ouside on the landing.  The cooler weather has definitely lifted his spirits.

We still haven't gotten a back-pack for him to use, nor have we bought one of those cube things for him to play/get treats with.  I looked for one in the store but couldn't find one.  We are still reeling from the vet bill for the neutering, all the shots and meds, so I need to be cool about spending more right now.  I'll keep these things on my list though.

So, as I said, all is well for now with our little household.  Thanks for all of your help and advice two weeks ago.  Some of you were right on with your comments.

Take care,


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Re: Update on Akuma, the howling, recently neutered, 7 year old Malamute
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I think the quick release collar is the one that my friend has, I have the other.  Anyway, with the quick release just make sure when you put it on that it is secure, my friends has come undone a couple of times, I don't know if hers is just defective or if she's putting it on wrong.

I'm so glad that things have calmed down a bit for you!!!  Don't get discouraged if they get a bit hairy from time to time, he may backslide some.  He is a cutie!!!  Good luck!!
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