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Looking to buy a Belgian Malinois puppy in Belgium


Hello- My wife and I are currently Americans living in Belgium for the next several years, and I am looking to buy a Belgian Malinois puppy.  Does anyone have any contacts over here in Belgium that I could inquire about purchasing a new puppy?  For edification for potential breeders, we live in the vicinity of Mons, about 30 Km south of Brussels.  Thanks, James

I am sorry, but I am in Texas and well I have no contacts in Belgium. Now if you were in Texas we could have that discussion... Any ways, good luck on you search and keep us posted.


Your best bet would be to contact Mike and Vanessa Fransen. They live in Belgium and do Belgian Ring with their Malinois. They have been doing this for many years; probably their entire lives!

If anybody can help you out, I'm sure they can! They might have some Malinois available or can at least refer you to somebody who does (or will).

You can reach them at:

Good luck!


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