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hi everyone, i have 2 beautiful bloodhounds. lily, a 2 and a half year old red female, and a 4 month old black and tan little girl named piper. we live in new hampshire and i have read everything i can find on blood hounds. i came here hoping to share and recive advice. neither of my little girls are used for tracking or mantrailing. and i have never wanted to train them that way, i know that is it almost impossible to let a bloodhound just run around an unfenced in yard or walk off leash but this is what i am training piper to do. she is young enough to still want to follow me so i am using this to my advantage. has anyone else had any luck with this? the breeder i got piper from had her two out just wandering the yard. so i know it is possible.

Hi there and welcome! You've come to the right place, there are tons of members with different breeds and different levels of experience. I am sure your girls are just beautiful and can't wait to see some pics ~ we love pics around here.
Before we got our EM ~ Libby, we used to have a Redtick Coonhound, we had her since she was 3-4mos old and till the day she died she would run like the wind if given a chance. We took her to dogparks with a lunge line attached to her for chance she tried to 'take off' someone would be able to stop her, and we used tons of treats. She was allowed off line acouple times in the woods but I stressed the whole time, it was with great relief that 'she' decided to come back, her nose was always to the ground and it was fun to hear/watch her track a scent, then stand on her hind legs against a tree baying the whole time.
I know this really wasn't the advice you were looking for :) and I'm sure others will be on to offer some more tips ~ Kim

Welcome to Big Paws!!
I have never owned a Bloodhound, but did own a Bluetick Coonhound for many years until he passed at age 16. I  never could trust him off leash in an unfenced area.
 Up until about the age of 5 even in a fenced area if his nose said it was time to go, and he could find a way under he was gone. He was the only dog of mine I ever used a electronic training collar on and that was after the 10th time of bringing him back from the very upset neighbors house. Not his fault they had a coon living in their garage, but none the less it was the collar or back to the pound. He didn't even care if I was standing by him trying to stop his forward motion under the fence, however the collar did teach him it was forbidden.
Good luck in their training. Since the breeder has trained hers that way maybe she can help guide you.

Hi & welcome!  I'm Marie and I don't have any bloodhound experience, but your girls sure are adorable.  We have a golden/lab mix and 1 and 3/4 Great Pyrenees (tee hee, our female is a mix) and we've had 2 Pyrs before that are waiting for us at the bridge, so I sympathize with the off leash thing.  Pyrs are also notorious for running whenever they have the chance.  If you want to train your little one, you may find it safest to do so on a lunge line like Kim did or something similar until you know for certain that she won't take off.  I'm glad that you found us.

Hi and welcome! I'm Jennifer, Mom to Bear and Nakita (both Saints), and Charlie, a very tolerant cat.

Your pups are beautiful. :)  We had a hound mix in my childhood home that stuck close to home, so that 'go' gene must have been lost in the mix. ;)  I think your breeder is a good place to start, and I'm sure folks here will have lots of good suggestions. 


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