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Deperate for Transport help- TX- NM
« on: November 05, 2007, 05:21:53 pm »
I am cross posting on this- 2 legs is all that is needed to get her to a forever home and keep her out of a shelter. If you are not in this area but no someone who is- please call them and see if they will help get her to safety. I know BPO is amazing- hopefully someone has some suggestions- Thanks- Paige

We are begging for help on this transport; the only?legs that are left
are from Amarillo to Dalhart, and Dalhart to Raton, NM.?

Please see the note below; this poor dog has had a rough life, but has
found a forever home in Colorado.? Her foster mother is moving, and
the?transport must occur on Nov. 10 or the Great Pyr will be forced to
go to?the local pound.? I don't have any contacts in the Amarillo/New
Mexico area, but found your name in doing some internet research on
rescues either in that area or involving Great Pyrenees.? If you can
help, or if you have contacts that you would forward this e-mail to,
it would be greatly appreciated.? The??COORDINATORS are:?Vicky
Adams and Rhonda Jordan Again, I believe the only transport legs that
are left are from Amarillo to Dalhart, and Dalhart to Raton, NM.? She
is coming from Elk City, OK, and going to Colorado Springs, CO.?

Thank you!? Sally McAninch
6 Nov 2007 12:36 pm Subject: Amarillo/Dalhart/Raton, NM: Sat. Nov
10th: Please help get Gr. Pyr. to forever home

please help this girl get to her forever home.? see below; I am going
to research Amarillo area rescuers and attempt to reach some people
out in that area.? If any of you have contacts there, please beg them
to help or send e-mails to their contacts there.? This girl will have
to go to the pound if transport falls through, because the foster who
has her now is moving!!!? Thanks, Sally

-----Original Message-----
From: The Matthews <jlministries77>
To: Debbie Long <>; Louisa Bennett
<>; Marjorie Banks
<>; Andy
Can you please help us crosspost and send this out > to as many
as > possible. If we can't get Angel moved she will have > to go to
the Elk City, > Shelter, her foster mom is moving and time is >
running out. She has a great > home waiting, we just need to get her
there. > PLEASE CROSSPOST! > > *Transport needed:* > *Saturday
November 10th* > *Elk City, OK to Colorado Spring, CO* > ** > ** > **
> >
> COORDINATORS: > Vicky Adams waggin01@ (remove spaces)
> 580-225-7341 > and > Rhonda Jordan >
@s> > (remove spaces) > 580-799-3840 > > Meet Angel @ > > >
Angel is a 2 year old Pyrenees who has found her > furever home in
Colorado > Springs, CO. Unfortunately she cannot pass her > driving
test and relies on > others who can get her where she needs to go. > >
The following in an excerpt from the letter Angel's > foster mom wrote
to her > furever mom. It speaks more than we could write and > be cute
about: > "It was 2:00 A.M. when she came calling. A scratch > at my
door. Through > sleepy eyes I saw this vision of white and could >
hardly believe my eyes. The > dog of my dreams was standing there.
Angel was > dirty, matted and skinny. She > was sore all over. The
pads of her feet had begun to > swell and she had an > open wound on
her neck. > I realize my resources are not enough to give Angel > the
care she needs and > my age does not give me the strength to be the
kind > of owner she needs." > > > > PLEASE EMAIL jordans3@sbcglob

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Re: Deperate for Transport help- TX- NM
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2007, 05:46:29 pm »
Oh I wish I could help out somehow.

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Re: Deperate for Transport help- TX- NM
« Reply #2 on: November 05, 2007, 06:29:58 pm »
I wish I could help out.
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