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My wife and I recently got a five-month-old Border Collie. This is not our first dog, but it is our first BC. To tell you the truth I am looking for some positive feedback about our decision. We knew this was an active dog that would need exercise and attention.  What good experiences, long term, have you had?  Most of the information on the Internet comes off sounding so negative about this breed as a pet.
Although we have only had Katie a few days I donít see any more problems then I have with other dogs I have had during my life.
To tell you the truth we are looking for a little handholding. Donít have any pictures yet, but will post one soon.

Hi and welcome to the board.  I've never had a BC so I can't give you any specific advice or help but I do have some experience with high energy "Wile E. Coyote Super-Genius" smart dogs.   :D  The only thing that I found after getting my first Malinois and then the next and the next and so forth is once they get adjusted to the new home and you that's when you see the energy levels.  Also the more you run the pup to tire her out the more you are building her endurance and the longer you will have to go to tire her out later on.  I also have found that lots of exercise before any obedience training is a very good thing.  It helps them focus on you and the training.  For mine, I have to train in 30min increments usually because they are easily bored with the repition.  So at obedience classes or agility classes we could only work for 1/2 of the time and then we just watched.  Hope that helps and my crew is listed below.


My mom has a Border Collie and she is super smart and a really good all-around dog. She does have a high energy level, of course, and loves to run and play. She is very focused on my mom, which makes obedience and agility classes really fun for both of them. I think one of the main things to keep in mind with a BC, in general, is that they need both physical and mental exercise or else they can get bored. Rally-O, agility, obedience, etc. can help with engaging their minds.

My mom takes her BC for daily exercise, sometimes just a walk around the neighborhood and other times a good romp in the woods. I must say that I have never seen her BC actually tired out no matter what she's done, but I will also say that she is a really great dog and has never given my mom any problems. I also remember that my mom was a little freaked out with all of the negative stuff out there about the breed, but she has had a really wonderful and positive experience with her BC. Enjoy!

Tina, point well taken, Thanks for seeing what I did not! I sure know there are abandoned dogs out there because people did not know what they were getting into. I think along with the energy comes a lot of love and affection. On the other hand, I will need to keep reminding myself who is training who. No bad dogs, just bad owners.

Pyr4me, I got up this morning and there was Katie ready to go. I had to laugh and think about what you wrote, always ready to GO.. She is like a young kid just full of energy for life. Made me feel good. I took her out and let her explore her new word and give her love and attention.


Hi Ken, I don't have any BC experience, except that I've seen them around and they are beautiful dogs.  I just wanted to say welcome and congratulation s!  I'm betting that Katie is going to be a wonderfully sweet, happy addition to your family and that someday you'll look back and think that your life was really missing something before she joined your family.   ;D


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