Author Topic: Loooong rant about our A/C Officer  (Read 5216 times)


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Loooong rant about our A/C Officer
« on: November 20, 2007, 07:04:03 pm »

So, I'm ranting here because I know that you all will understand.

I don't know how many of you are familiar with my tale of woe regarding my Pitty X, Bo. For those of you that aren't, I'm sure the story is floating around here somewhere. In a nutshell, he was euthanized by A/C without any type of trial or investigation. It was horrible.

We only have ONE A/C officer in our town. And, he is corrupt, unethical, immoral, and down-right deplorable. When I worked for the Humane Society, he would do awful things like, impound someone's dog, tell them he was going to euthanize it, and then sell it to a friend. Not to mention all of the dogs he ever impounded he did illegally. Meaning, nobody EVER got a day in court. EVER. Never has.

I hate this man. He has no oversight and therefore complete discretion. And it would be great if he were on the side of the animals. But, he's not. From day to day, you never know if he will allow people to leave a dog tied to a tree with no food or fresh water, or if he'll impound a dog on a false bite claim without evidence. Its just whatever he feels like.

Not to mention, the man only works until like, 2:30 everyday. GRRR.

So, anyway, I recently found out from a friend of mine that about 2 months ago, he brought two dogs home in the city-owned animal control vehicle. They were alive in the truck on Friday afternoon, and dead on Sunday. (still in the truck) The person that told me this is in a position to know that it is true (not just gossip or a rumor) and has informed the mayor and city council. They have chosen to do NOTHING. In otherwords, he still has a job.

Also, he allowed three cats to die in live-traps on a 95 degree day last August.

In another incident, an old man on a fixed income had a little dog bite someone. The A/C guy told the man he had to pay to have the dog quarantined for 10 days. The man couldn't afford it, so he surrendered the dog to the HS. A/C came to the HS, TOOK THE DOG WITH A CATCH POLE IN FRONT OF MANY POTENTIAL ADOPTERS, HAD IT EUTH'D, AND HAD ITS HEAD CHOPPED OFF AND SENT TO THE STATE.

*modified to add: our H/S is a private shelter, not affiliated with the city. They recieve no city funding and operate soley on donations. He had no jurisdiction in the shelter.*

I hate him. Thanks for listening.
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Re: Loooong rant about our A/C Officer
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2007, 07:38:54 pm »
Yes, he is a seriously evil human being.

He is the same A/C guy that took Bo. (and killed him). The mayor and city council know about this guy, and there apparantly isn't anything they're willing to do. And there is no other recourse. He's an animal. I hate him.

Junk kicking is definitely in order.


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Re: Loooong rant about our A/C Officer
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2007, 07:46:39 pm »
Well, I'm in kind of a weird situation. The "friend" that told me about the incidents is not exactly willing to publicly tell everyone. She is in a public position as it is, and has worked with the mayor. So, I hesitate to get PETA or any group like that involved, because it is a delicate situation.

I'm working on how to deal with it now, its just so frustrating.


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Re: Loooong rant about our A/C Officer
« Reply #3 on: November 20, 2007, 08:21:49 pm »

I don't have any evidence. The only person that does is the "friend" that told me about him, and doesn't want to get herself in a precarious situation with the mayor.

I have told our state director of the HSUS about what happened with Bo, and that he is generally despicable.

He is appointed, err..hired basically. Its a real mess. The animal situation in our town is horrendous and I don't know what to do. The person that shared the information with me is doing her best, but she is sort of hamstrung, too.

Yes, the mayor and the council need to be held accountable. I hate PETA. I don't want to be the one to get them running around town. They're nutjobs.


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Re: Loooong rant about our A/C Officer
« Reply #4 on: November 20, 2007, 09:40:31 pm »
Well, the mayor was personally involved with the Bo situation. He did nothing. (he had the city attorney call me and tell me never to come into his office again)

The information about the old man's dog came from the same unidentified friend. All have been well-documented (by her) and given to the mayor. The person that witnessed the dead dogs in the truck signed an affadavit and gave it to the mayor as well.

Its not that I don't want to do anything, but the person that shared this information with me is a respected member of the community that has devoted her life to this cause. I value her friendship and don't want to put her in a bad spot publicly.

Believe me, I want to do something. When Bo and Cabeza were taken and Bo was eventually euthanized, I went to past and present councilmen, county commissioners, attorneys, judges and even the newspaper.

For right now, I'm leaving this situation in the hands of my friend, as she is much better equipped to handle it. She's not just letting it die, but I think that its going to be best handled with finesse.

The assistant chief of police (my uncle) is a real A-hole as well, and is in charge of some sort of "task force" that the mayor has put together. He's WAY uncool. He is the first one that told me about the live traps, but omitted that they belonged to A/C. So, you see, everyone knows, but is doing nothing.

I know PETA is impossible to ignore, they're just not really the allies I want at this point. I will hold on to that as a last resort.

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Re: Loooong rant about our A/C Officer
« Reply #5 on: November 20, 2007, 11:20:48 pm »
I would consider calling one of the local tv stations. Around here each station has one or two reporters who do undercover work and/or 'problem fixing'. They love sensational stories (and would consider this one) so you could probably get someone to do a story. And there is nothing more powerful than the press. The mayor might not want to do anything, and people might not be getting justice now, but with the public shame and embarasment of a 10'oclock news story, action would be taken. Just a thought
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Re: Loooong rant about our A/C Officer
« Reply #6 on: November 21, 2007, 12:13:32 am »
UGH! Nicole yes he's awful! Let me tell you what happened in our neighborhood just last week.

When I got on the bus to go home from school, I heard my neighbor yelling at this boy about his dog. Of course being nosy, I was like Sam what's going on? She told me they had moved and left the dog chained to the dog house which was right across the field from her! I was like oh I want to see her. So Sam takes me over there and I found a very skinny pit bull mix chained. I went home and got her food/water then went to my mom and told her. So the guy who moved was like oh we're coming back for her. blah blah blah but then the next day when I got off the bus she was still chained up! So I went and got her more food and water and my mom called animal control. The neighbor to the dog also called animal control and here he comes. I'm standing right next to the dog and here he comes, peeks his head around, and was pretty much terrified of the dog. I was like umm this isn't even my dog and she's being nice to me... So he starts questioning me and Sam and i'm like well i'm Bambi's daughter and I'll take the dog if they don't want it anymore. He then proceeds to tell me about a dog he knew that was up for adoption and asked me if I could find him a home, I was like well I'll let you know or whatever. So he's like well i'm going to go over and talk to the people(the only moved a block away!) and see what they say. They tell him they don't want the dog anymore so he calls my mom and was like your daughter said you could take her and they don't want her anymore. So go get her. My mom was like what are you going to do to them? He's like nothing because all she has to say is that she's been feeding the dog and if we do an investigation it'll cost state money and we have to get people involved and it's just too much work. My mom got pissed and was like well you aren't even going to give her a citation or anything? You can see the dog's ribs! He's like well I guess I could.. So we now have this skinny, abused pit bull mix. We're kind of stuck right now because if we call the mayor, she'll get picked up by AC and go to the pound and they put down pits and pit mixes. But I hate that guy, I told Sam when we were walking away from him, that I was going to take his job. haha
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Re: Loooong rant about our A/C Officer
« Reply #7 on: November 21, 2007, 12:26:42 am »
Ugh, he is SUCH an idiot. I hate him, I hate him, I hate him, I hate him.

Just so everyone is clear, Megan and I are talking about the same A-hole.


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Re: Loooong rant about our A/C Officer
« Reply #8 on: November 21, 2007, 03:54:54 am »
Pressure from the public and media is the solution- I have seen similar situations in other cities and when a group of strong minded citizens pulled together and was actually supported by other caring people who then involved the HSUS, PETA and the ASPCA, it is amazing the change in the system. My Pyrs that were save this past week were products of a shelter who was previously run the way that the shelter is being run in your city. Prior to the immense pressure from many groups, had the Pyrs been taken to that shelter, they would have been euthd fairly quickly or worse yet- one of the shelter workers would have taken the pups and sold them when they were old enough and then would have either re-breed the mom or taken her back to the shelter to be put to sleep, oh and the dad, he would have been euthd the day that the mother and babies were taken to that shelter workers home.
Let me know if you want me to help by contacting some groups who are very very good in these cases.

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Re: Loooong rant about our A/C Officer
« Reply #9 on: November 22, 2007, 05:43:56 am »
OMG!!  that guy sounds horrible!  >:(

I would definitely contact some kind of news media.  Your friend wouldn't even have to be directly involved.  Or, if she wanted to be, she could be an anonymous source, or if on tv have her voice and image disguised..... ....unless of course she's the only other person that knows about these things. 

Even  so, I think you have enough evidence and suspicion on your own to get a story rolling.  They dont' necessarily have to have fact, they can go on suspicions and find the facts out for themselves from interviewing different people.

This guy seriously needs to get out of office.  There has to be some way to fire him, there's always a way.  Getting the public interested in the matter would help immensely.  There has to be others out there like you who hate this man as much as you do.