Author Topic: For those that remember Beau...  (Read 2332 times)

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For those that remember Beau...
« on: November 25, 2007, 09:33:48 am »
finally I went to visit him! Short re-cap...I rescued Beau from the local pound. he was going to be PTS because he had heartworm. He is a 2 year old Saint mix. Anyway many kind folks here donated to help with his treatments. After several months of searching for his "forever home" My mother-in-law was visiting and Beau and her Newfie pup were like best buddies, he went home to 17 acres in Kentucky.

  We went there over the wekend, I wondered if he would even know me. Well he was all over me. He was my lapdog all weekend, he tried to sleep in bed with me!!!! She said he NEVER gets on the furniture, she was shocked at how glued to me he was. Unfortunatly I forgot the camera, he looks great other than he likes to play in the burrs. I brushed him about 4 times, and every time he went out he brought more in. LOL And it was so cute to see him, the Newfie (Hagrid) and her Golden (Opie) wrestling all over the house and yard. He is so happy. he did however get in my van several times, and finally after saying my goodbyes, we got in the van to leave, and he followed us all down the drive!!! I was a wreck, honestly when he was here I didn't think he gave 2 craps about me, but man was I wrong. I wish it wasn't a 4 1/2 hour drive, I want to see him more often. :(
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