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Ears - How long?

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How long does it take before a BC ears have sustained the shape they will be at adulthood? Our little girl is around 12+ weeks and at one point the right ear looked like it would be up, now its down, the left iear is now slanting to the side. While I know its puppy stage and sort of find it endearing my husband says she looks weird ;)

I cannot remember how long it takes to see the real ears done?

Well I guess noone knows about ears here :)

I'm a little late in chiming in on this and not sure if I have an answer for you.  I don't have BCs but I do have Malinois and they have erect ears.  When I got Cinder she was 16 weeks old and one of her ears flopped to the side.  The breeder said it had been erect the week before and then it flopped again.  I think it was standing again by the time she hit 6 months.  Both of Shiner's ears flop but he is a mix.  Occassionally one of his ears will stand and he looks like a giant dork with his ears up.  I think it gives them character.  Hope that helps some.  By the way, I'm not sure if I welcomed you to the site but I'm Kat and my crew is listed below. 

Hey thanks for the reply :) She seems to have the same types of weeks as your dog. One week they are looking up and the tips turned and the next one up one down, I think its cute, hubby thinks she looks weird ;)

We have a slew of animals too :

Lucy 13 weeks old BC
Buddy 12 year old Dane/Lab Cross

Clover 3 yr calico cat
Oreo * yr old Tuxedo cat
Wild male cat someone dropped off :)

Three horses
Yankee Jack my Standardbred riding horse/he drives too
Gizmo my daughters Standardbred riding horse she drives a carriage too :)
Majestic Tour my Thoroughbred riding horse

Samantha - 5 yr old Red Eared slider

About 20 chickens and 2 happy roosters :)

Amy (guffer):
My old BC's ears would be down when he was relaxed or sleeping, and up when he was alert or playing.  I don't know if that's typical of the breed or not??? ???
I wouldn't worry about it too much, though.  She's beautiful with her ears up or down! ;)


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