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Ok so here's the deal:
I have a 8, almost 9 month old Siberian Husky, and he is one crazy dog (as most of you know thats how they usually are lol)
Well the day care I take him to has a dog in heat (its an at home day care, our sitter does it from her home and she only has about 4 or 5 dogs at the time, and we love it!), Sugar (the girl in heat) is separated from our crazy (and now horny) guy, but obviously he can still smell her-my solution for right now is just not take him to the sitter for a bit, but I feel sooo bad! I dont want to go to a different dog sitting place and plus our guy is not neutered (he will be, but we were waiting for his "boy parts" to drop-hasnt happened).
Well he is driving us CRAZY-I've never had a male dog-and a male HUSKY its just insane. He wakes us up at 3 am by jumping on my stomach and howling right in my face (it is kind of funny, but not at 3am), then he wont eat, he just throws the food around, he whines all the time, barks, yups howls,he pouts-he didnt get his way at the sitters so he stood there IN THE HOUSE and peed right in front of the sitter!He knows how to push our buttons-and he does it! I'm not mad, I just want to see if anyone else has experienced this-I am a first time "male dog owener" so its all new to me :)
On the other hand-very intertaining ;)

you can see the evil in his eyes lol

That's why the place where I take Indy requires all doggie day camp participants to be neutered and spayed, so that nobody goes home pregnant! Also, it's very disruptive and can cause intact males to become aggressive, so it's also a safety issue. I'm surprised that the day care owner allows intact females, especially while they are in heat!

We had an intact 110 Lb male doberman, and rescued his sister from an abusive situation--ok, I dog-napped  her from an abusive situation. Anyway, she promptly went into heat, and what a mess. Bandit went in and got nuetered right away, but the drive doesn't stop for about 6 weeks. Same thing you are experiencing, except they were in the same house 24/7. We ended up giving him doggy-valium from the vet until she was done and we could get her spayed as well. I don't agree with always medicating your dog, but short-term it helped us keep our sanity and he lived to be 12 with no ill effects.

A girl in season (Dixie Darlin) even makes neutered boys crazy (Sugar Bear).  I had his tummy issues much better until Dixie went into heat; he has had an upset tummy for two weeks from the stress.  All he wants to do is make time with her.  He mounts her but then does not know what to do so she walks off with him still on her back.   Then she gets mad and wants mount him which makes him mad.  Two days ago she got a nip on her face and him on his like so I have been giving them some time in different areas of the house.  Dixie is a work with me now and Sugar Bear is outside.  I will be glad when this season is over.  We should have about 7-10 more days of it.



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