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Thanks everyone for filling me in with the information of the hypo-allergenic dogs.

Right now I have two smaller breeds.

A Shih Tzu and a Cross between A Shih Tzu and a Bichon Frize!

I am not allergic to either.

but i was wondering. if anyone could fill me in with some info on Samoyeds?? I'm not highly allergic to dogs. Just looking for somthing with minimal shedding. I heard these dogs shed their coats about twice a year. Is this true??

thank for the info!
would you suggest any dogs to me. im not highly allergic. but i'm still not big on shedding.

Thanks. Ya I'm trying hard to find the right dog.

And I'm not liking the Labradoodle at all!

zchic: brother had 1 sammy for 14 years, and his new one he has had for about 2 years. There is ALWAYS hair floating around. and they brush him ALOT, and they vaccume the carpet ALOT. LOL

Someone in your other thread mentioned the Bouvier... I know nothing about the hair etc. but I have met a few and they were really neat dogs. :)


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