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I have 8 Border Collies that are being given to me to get into good homes mid January. There are 6 girls and 2 boys and one of the boys are spoken for, so that leaves the rest of the group. Two of the pups are primarily white, which is odd, but the female was not exposed to any other males. This male is extremely dominate in nature and would not let any other males near her. I am trying to get the rancher to get her spayed. Both parents are working dogs. These dogs would probably be good for agility.

heres pics of the boys and the parents

Aw they sure are cute. i love border collies. There is a lady in our area who has some and she does Agility with them. Wonder if she'd like a new pup ;)

You're eeeeeeevillll!!

People Whisperer:
Oh Paige!!! No more puppies!!! You are breaking our hearts here with all of yours puppy pictures. I want to be in your puppy heaven  :)


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