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Yes here are some pictures of SPAZZ he almost 1 y/o and is becoming a demon dog


Within the last month, Spazz has been tearing up everything.  He doesnt do it when im around but when he is by himself he tears up any and everything around.  Is this normal.  He never used to tear up stuff.  I leave toys out for him and rawhide bones and he still will tear up, the Dirty clothes hamper, My toothbrush, the liner in my leather coat (yes i wanted to kill him), Ive tried to let him in different parts of the house and he found things to tear up that i didnt even think about.  I was wondering is this just a phase? 

Perhaps Separation Anxiety? .. All I can say is exercise till hopefully they drop instead of you and some people think I'm crazy but if you get an aromatherapy diffuser and used essential oils of lavender, chamomile, bergamot it helps enormously.  When my 13 yr old cocker was young I crated her when I left for work, barricaded her in one room .. was threatened with eviction because she howled for hours and if crated would literally bleed trying to escape until I started waking an hour early to get her out and exercised then organically doped until I could get home for lunch and more exercise.  I use the essential oils myself to insure a full nights sleep for ME now. :)

AND Spazz is so beautiful !

All the advice is right on. I just wanted to add, to ease your mind, YES - this IS normal. Most of us have had to endure this behavior with at least one dog. Only the very lucky never have this problem. I remember when Oasis was about one year old, he tore the back off my couch. Thank goodness it was a thrift store couch.

And when Derby was a year old, I came home and though it had snowed inside the house because he tore up a couple pillows and the stuffing was everywhere.  I am very fortunate that both of them grew out of this phase without any behavioral modifiation, but the advice you are given here is much better than hoping Spazz will grow out of it on his own.  Remember, he is basically a pre-teen right now - and he is acting like it.

First let me say, yea new pics of Spazz!  I love this boy!  He reminds me of my heathens.   :D

Secondly, I would definitely start crate training.  Kaila has been uncrated for the last month or so and just recently started taking my shoes and dirty laundry up onto the bed while I'm at work.  She doesn't chew on it but she seems to like to sleep with it.  So as long as she doesn't eat anything she still has freedom.  Shiner just got to try being uncrated for an hour the other day and he did awesome.  He is crated in my bedroom with Kaila so they had access together while I ran to the store.  Nothing was damaged.  Shiner will be 2yo around March and Kaila is 3yo today. 

I sure could use some more pics of Spazz.  (not so subtle hint)

Spazz is kinda crate trained.  He sleeps in his crate at night.  If i tell him go to bed he goes straight to his crate.  Most of the time he will go without a fuss.  Every so often he will just Plop down on his side and i have to pick him up, but then he figures that just wont work so he will go to the crate.  He is at home when im at work, the neighbors come over at lunch and walk him.  (they love him also).  So I guess my next question is, if i put him in a room with nothing in it, is that like crate training???  He is an awsome kid, and i make it up to him by spending all my time with him after work and on the weekends.  I know some people dont agree with the having a dog while single and a full time job.  But my spazz is well loved and taken care of. I take him everywhere with me and he still loves strangers and other dogs.  (its kind of scary because he will just run up to a strange dog to play, and a lot of dogs his size just dont like other dogs, or so it seems), id hate for him to get bitten.


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