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awesome support
« on: December 18, 2007, 01:43:40 pm »
I'm new to bpo and although I'm limited on my internet capabilities for psting pics, I find bpo a wonderful place to read about how others coexist with our giant furry companions.  since this is also a gripe forum, I wanted to share an alternate perspective regarding cohabitation.. ......for those of us who have bothe Giant Breeds and children, we know all too well that neither can be controlled 100% of the time.  A pets only park (similar to an adults only apartment complex or a seniors only housing development... sun city) would seem appropriate for those who may not have children or who have a more challenging time with the spirited ys!  :)  As a mastiff owner, I knew that he would draw attention, no matter where we went so I made sure he has been exposed to manhandling kiddos since he was 8 weeks old.  hands in mouth, taking treats n toys, soft mouth training, stay and leave it(my favs) and a mountain of other tolerance trainig steps to ensure my 200 lb horse was prepared for the attention he would receive. 
Ff 3 years.....I am constantly assaulted by curious children (specifically boys) who run up on my baby when I take him to chidren places like parks, beaches and even petsmart but rest assured, my boy is ready for those well meaning two legged creatures in their own environment.  Odin has been the loving source of much entertainment for my own children for sure.  Not all of us choose skin over fur or vice versa...but I believe we can all coexist with a little tolerance.  as a dog owner, I am understanding in the ways of skiddish or unsocialized (children tolerant) animals and ensure my spirited boys never run up on an animal (saved my sons life when a mean rottie was free in our neighborhood and pinned my son to a son knew what to NOT do and stayed safe) but those who have opted for fur free families or even fur but little furry critters instead may not understand the rules surrounding pack life and where primal becomes normal if we as parents of the furry ones haven't trained and socialized our chidren or we are rescue rangers who are readapting our furry babes into society due to anothers cruelty.  I hope when my 5 year old views anothers mastiff and runs upon it thinking it is his dog (primal for kids), the other individual will be tolerant of my currently in training furless two legged animal......I hope....
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Re: awesome support
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2007, 02:22:13 pm »
Very well put I also have Miss Libby who is going to be 6 in Jan. And being the only EM in our neighbourhood she draws ALOT of attention. She came to us at 3.5yrs and we have worked very hard with my children and her. I think respect is a 2-way street...we as parents it is our duty to teach our children to show kindness and compassion, respect for animals as they will be our future animal owners. And peoples that have no skin kids I think it is your responsibility to teach and socialize your dog/puppy to everything so it can be a wonderful member of society..yes there are always exceptions to the rule on both sides.
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