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I sure wish I could get my pocket pc to load pictures so u guys could see my baby and I could see the other beatiful mastiffs!  oh odin's tail~ the king of all weapons, the clearer of all tables and the drum stick of all percussion sections!  will there ever come a day when the sides of his tail will ever grow hair in the area 5 inches below where it meets the rear and 2 inches above the tip?  I mean, it isn't  bald but man, one wack of that tail has left me with more than one hematoma that actually welted and raised on the back of my cannot imagine how his tail wacking must feel to him.  however, he doesn't whine or complain and doesn't have sores ~ just shorter hair (less hair) where his wagging appendage prevents thick hair growth due to the intense wagging that hits the walls and furniture. any thoughts or can I get an amens?

If the tail continues to hit things on a regular basis IMO it is unlikely that the hair will grow back.  Our Vizsla had damage to her tail and our Vet. suggested docking the injured area.  We didn't and wished later that we did because she kept damaging it by wagging it into things with sharp edges.  Eventually we kept the tip covered with layers of gauze for padding and tape over that for more protection.

Someone else on here has a dog tail story that ended in surgery.  If I were better at searching, I'd look.  Sorry.

It has been decades since we put anything on a coffee table,  With the Newfie, even end tables are next to useless.  His fluffy tail doesn't hurt and the Italian Mastiffs have docked tails so my shin pain is over.  Yaay.

I worked at a boarding feacility starting in 8th grade all the way through college.  We had a Great Dane occasionaly that came in and whacked his tail so hard every time on the walls of the kennels from wagging it would bleed. :(  IT was an odd sight seeing this large uber happy dog with a bloddy tail.  In the end we would banadge him up as best we can and the owners were understanding. 

On a more personal note, my Mastiff is now a little over 30 inches across the back and if I do not watch out his tail hits me in a very sensative spot of the male anatomy. :o

thanks so much!  u know, luckily we haven't had blood (on his tail) and it isn't  really a "nasty" looking sight.  English Mastiffs are so unique and its tough to find people who have info on the tail of big uns!  ;]  It is actually a running joke in the home that his tail gets outta control when someone comes home or we are going walkies or he needs to poo or just excitement in general.  Santa bought ODIE a fox with squeakie in the tail and head for Christmas ($40 toy!!!!) and when he self-soothes and gets  his softie, it keeps tail violence down to a medium. 
I have to LAUGH at the male anatomy comment because that was one of the first "odin greetings" that put my hubby on the floor-now we warn all people who want to pet or interact with our big baby that 'watch the jewels'. 
I llove it when they don't heed my warning!  ;)

I know where you're coming from about getting hit by the tail. Sebastian is about 32 inches tall now. I have learned but my friends that come over get hit all of the time!


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