Author Topic: Do you have an 'Animal House'???  (Read 6300 times)

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Do you have an 'Animal House'???
« on: January 03, 2008, 02:36:46 pm »
My other thread about visiting with your Big Paw got me to thinking about just how Animal Friendly our home is.  You would know as soon as you walked in the door that we have pets....

The house probably smells like a dog...I can't smell it anymore, but it probably does, lol

There are 4 dog beds in our living room alone

Most of the furniture seats are covered with blankets

There are tables under the windows with pillows on them so the cats can bask in the sun and snooze

The windows themselves are often smeared with dog snot

The cats' food bowl is on top of the refrigerator

There are pieces of Friskies that have fallen from the bowl INSIDE the refrigerator

The cupboard above the refrigerator is the Cat Cave....we have a blanket in there for them to sleep (it has been that way in every house I've ever owned...that cabinet is a pain in the butt to reach, might as well use it for something!)

We have a giant water bowl mounted to the wall outside the back door

The backyard is an obstacle course of dig holes, and we have to spend 30 minutes picking up toys before we mow the lawn

A good part of our basement is taken up by two 8'x8' kennels

The baseboard at the bottom of our stairs has been chewed off, lol

There is a steel gate across the landing of the stairs to prevent dog access

Unless I vacuum every other day, the fur rolls across the hardwood floors like tumbleweeds!

We have a tape brush in every room and every car...and have often been seen taping each other off in parking lots outside restaurants all over town!

It is not uncommon to find dry, crusty Bodhi Drool on the walls, tables, and counters

Did I mention there is alot of hair in the house?

Our door mat says Wipe Your Paws

We call our property The Doggone Farm, and have a large plaque with that name hanging proudly on the house

I actually decorate the pig pen for the holidays (pigs get festive too, ya know)

I buy oatmeal for the pigs and on cold nights make them a special batch with Vanilla Chai

I feed Ginger (our big pig) with a spoon (she insists....if I set the food pot down with the spoon in it, she will get it in her mouth and fling it at me!)

Our barn cats sleep in a Dogloo stuffed with a down comforter

*** I think I could come up with even more stuff if I tried, lol!  Here's the our old house, we built a $14,000 screened porch for the dogs to hang out in! I hope all this doesn't make me sound too crazy.  I just love my critters! 

What about you....what makes your home an "Animal House"??

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Re: Do you have an 'Animal House'???
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2008, 03:00:12 pm »
haha yes i hear you on this one and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having an animal house.

here we go:
- I know my house smells like dog cause when my parents visit they always tell me
- When you walk in the door first thing you see is the dog crate
- There are dog/cat toys all over the floor of our house
-we have basket just filled with dog toys
- cat dishes and dog dishes on the kitchen floor
- dog food scattered all over the place
- drool/water all over the kitchen floor
- litter boxes
- a cat toy suctioned to the window
- our back door is all scratched from kalli telling us she is ready to come in
- we have a pantry filled with stuff just for our animals
- all the shoes are kept in a closet cause kalli is a chewer

good times :)
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Re: Do you have an 'Animal House'???
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2008, 04:49:13 pm »
Hmmmm...let me think.

-Enormous rolling balls throughout the house. No, these aren't small rodents. They are pieces of Cabeza. They are there within 10 minutes of vacuuming.

-Slipcovers on EVERYTHING.

-An entire cabinet and chunk of counter that is the pet domain. They have their own treat jar, shelves, medicine drawer, etc. in this area. The kitties food is on this "special" piece of counter.

-Several different water dishes to accomodate the preferences of the differnt canine/feline personalities in the house.

-Nylabones EVERYWHERE.

-an enormous cat tree

-one seat in the 4-Runner is always folded down so Cabeza can lay comfortably next to Molly in the back seat. We've already discussed how sad he's going to be when Colin is born and has to occupy that space in the truck.

-Various crates, carriers, beds, cushions, etc. in the basement. Cabeza also has his own couch down there and chills there when its warm.

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Re: Do you have an 'Animal House'???
« Reply #3 on: January 03, 2008, 04:57:34 pm »
7 Dog Beds
Golf towel's startegicly placed around the house to clean jowels.
6' X 10' run in the basement of my house
3 toy boxs
6 foot by 174 foot privacy fence added to backyard the weekend I moved in. 
Peopl think I live there but they know my dogs do  :D
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Re: Do you have an 'Animal House'???
« Reply #4 on: January 03, 2008, 08:11:57 pm »
I love this thread.  

I have 3 sets of food dishes for the dogs so I can still feed them and wash the others in the dishwasher.  My dogs must have sterile dishes but I'll use a fork that hits the floor.

The frame of one of my couches fell apart so I got rid of it but kept the cushions so the dogs and cats will have a giant pillow area by the front window.

The kitchen table is set up for the cats and their food bowls.  We eat standing up in the kitchen.

Toys galore and everywhere.  Plus, the insides of the gutted toys show up in the most unexpected places like under the covers on the bed.

Kennels are in the bedrooms and used as furniture.  

There are 3 water bowls in the backyard and the dogs don't even stay out there all that long.  But we have one kiddie pool, a large horse trough, and a regular large water bowl.  

The window in the office is left open so the dogs can go in and out to the backyard to play.

Treats in every room for impromptu training sessions.  I had to stop my post in order to do a mini training session to stop the fence fighting that Kaila was fixing to start.  
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Re: Do you have an 'Animal House'???
« Reply #5 on: January 03, 2008, 09:16:37 pm »
Oh maybe a little ;)I was at my Aunt and Uncle's last week and he was telling me about this lady that was trying to give him directions in the town I live in.It was all in the norm until she said you turn right by the bird ladies house?:) She said you can't miss it if you listen close and if you drive by slow you can see some of the birds in the windows.I never thought I would be a directional landmark!!! She also wanted to know if I allowed people to stop and see them,I guess I better put a ticket gate up:)

Besides hearing my house,I guess there might be a few signs too:

First thing you would see is the lawn fenced in and the part that isn't fenced is covered with my  birdie's leftovers for the wild birds to eat.

When you walk in to the paw and nose print covered door there are 2 dog beds in my office.As well as a water dish so the boys don't have to walk very far when they get up from their nap :)On the wall is  my 2008 parrot calender, I'm waiting for my 2008 BPO calender,I have to give everyone equal month keeping.There is also a baby fence around the generator so the boys don't work on it :D My screen saver on my computer is pics of my babies.

Step out of the office and you are in the bird house.First you see their fridge and freezer,a spare cage,some boxes of toy parts and lots of boxes of newspaper for the birds cages.The stand up freezer is full of nuts,the fridge is split bewteen containers of dog food,nuts and more bird food.Then it becomes obvious in a big way.In the down stairs bird room there is 10 birds and their 40 gallon fish tank.Turn the corner and go up the stairs to 14 more birds and their 29 gallon fish tank.Both floors of the bird rooms are always covered with scatterd seed,nut shells and pieces of toys.

Go in the main house and first room is my toy making room with tons of bird toys and a twin size air bed for the boys.They usually have their share of bird toy parts laying around to play with as well as any boxes they steal from me.And the shop vac for blowing the boys off after a shower.

In the breakfast nook there are 2 raised feeding stations and the pantry for all the cans of dog food.On the table there is a 4' tree with picture ornaments of all my babies :)

The kitchen cupboards are full of dishes and treats for the birds and the boys.There's 2 containers of bird seed on the counter.There's a scale for weighing the birds.And there is more bird and dog food in the house fridge then people food ;)The boys brushes are on the counter so Mom doesn't forget to brush them.There's also a RO water system installed for the birds water.

The dining room has a dog bed as well as the boys toy box.I got rid of the dining room table so the boys had more room to play ;D And a bird stand for the birds to hang out.

All of the living room furniture has muddy paw prints on it.Two huge raw hide bones that neither boy will touch ???The door to the fence has a doggie door and their door mat says wipe your paws.If you look at the tv you can see tail swipes and the occasional drool marks.And the closet where I keep my beloved Dyson!!!

My bedroom has a doggie bed and toys scattered about.My comforter and pillows my Mom made me and they have bird scenes on them,usally covered in muddy paw prints and hair.

In my shower you will find bottles of doggie shampoo and conditioner,which I have used when I ran out of my own:)

Of course there is always plenty of card board on every floor in the house from my sweet little Tub.As well as that elusive dooggie hair.

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Re: Do you have an 'Animal House'???
« Reply #6 on: January 03, 2008, 09:24:23 pm »
Great post!

 When you walk in there is a leash or two hanging on hooks at the front door.

Then there is usually a Puck tumble weed and Rosie/Farley hair showing up on the dark hardwood--no matter how many times I clean.

We have a wicker basket in kitchen filled to the top with dog toys.

Laundry room has elevated 3 food bowls and 1 water bowl.

Family room has blankets on the couch and usually a ball burried in the couch---Rosie!!!!

There is ALWAYS ALWAYS water on the main floor bathroom--even though the water bowl is only 5 feet from there ::)

Staniless steel jar with treats on counter---only jar they can't break..

NO food on counters/table/island....especially bread ----Rosie/Farley

There is a ball bouncing down the stairs at any time---Puck

The glass on the patio door is scratched up to about 5 feet high-----this would be Rosie again.

Dog food stored in the laundry closet instead of jackets.

Kennel in the basement.

Dog bed in front of fireplace,at patio door,bedrooms

Basket in kitchen cabinet filled with nail clippers--dog first aid things, meds etc

 Our Beds usually have dog hair in them.

Elevated dog bed by the pool/deck

Our backyard looks like a golf practice facility with divits everywhere.

There is usually one big hole started somewhere--again Rosie

Toys at the top of the stairs and on the stairs--I swear they have a plan to get

There are nose prints ALL over the front windows---have to look after the neighbourhood-you know ::)

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Re: Do you have an 'Animal House'???
« Reply #7 on: January 03, 2008, 09:58:30 pm »
Well this is absolutely hysterical!  We can of course add to the list too.

We have 5 dog beds scattered throughout the house. (Note we only currently own 4 dogs but, big ole' Klondike has 2 beds, one upstairs and one downstairs. Why?  Well because he is Klondike!)

Two raised feeders in the kitchen.

The cookie jar in the kitchen, yup, that's for the dogs treats too.

4 Baskets filled with dog toys, in 4 different rooms.

One Gianormous pooper scooper out back.

We have an entire dog closet for their food storage, another basket of toys, a whole shelf of dog towels.

We have 2 large storage carts for dog supplies, like brushes, heartworm, frontline, the dog closet.

Huge container of Nature's Miracle with the handy spray pump for really big cleanups.

Our one hall near the dog closet, has about 15 dog signs like, "Cook not responsible for dog hair in the food,", "Newfoundland Boulevard,"  and another favorite sign says, "There is more hair on the floor than on the dog."

At least 12 leashes for 4 dogs, so let's see, yup, they each  have about 3 leashes and collars hanging on the 2 dog leash hangers.

Most times, you see more dogs in the pool than humans!

Dog garden statues.

Baseboard molding that has nice large puppy teeth marks on it.

Dried on drool in some unbelievable spots once located.  I mean some of this stuff ends up on ceilings!  That should be  a record to fling it so far & high!

My all time favorite, drool towels everywhere! We just buy the bulk pack of small white car towels at Costco or Wal Mart and usually keep 1 or 2 near the water dishes to do a quick drool catch if possible.  These usually end up dragged all over the house so they are almost always everywhere but, near the water dish.

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Re: Do you have an 'Animal House'???
« Reply #8 on: January 04, 2008, 12:32:11 am »
My house is definitely going to the dogs. When you come in  there is a large Rottie door knocker on the front door. After you come in, a shelf with leashes on it. In the Den are 2 huge wire crates for Tealk and Zander. There is also a large laundry basket full of dog toys. In the living room are dog toys scatterd all about and a very large dog bed, and another leash hanger with about 10 different leases . In the kitchen there is a huge bin full of dog food on the counter. On top of the fridge are several cans of dog food. I also have a cabinet full of dog medicine, bandage material,disinfetant, ear wash etc. and have a very large drawer full of dog brushes, combs and nail clippers. Then there is a large rubbermaid container that holds about 5 lbs of milk bones which gets carried from room to room. In the laundry room are 4 more dog crates for Dozer, Marksman, Echo and Grizelda. My bathroom has dog shampoo right next to human shampoo. On my bed is an extra dog quilt to cover the regular quilt. My yard has a 6 foot chain link fence around it and some large holes dug by Zander. Ok thats the dog stuff, beside them we have 2 cockatiels and 3 very large fish tanks. So I guess that's our animal house :)
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Re: Do you have an 'Animal House'???
« Reply #9 on: January 04, 2008, 02:07:35 am »
Well lets see - if the
4 or 5 leashes hanging by the back door don't tell you there are pups about then the sign stating 2 spoiled rotten dogs live here, Emmitt and Copper. (this was before Sadie)
Coming in the door, if you can open the door that means that nobody (dog) has left their toy where it scotches up the door opening or the rug isn't pushed up against it (if so please use the laundry room entrance)

try not to trip over the golf towels that are convinently pulled off the tea cart next to a double water bowl to use as drool towels but it's more fun to pull them to the floor during the day and scatter them about just in case the 20 odd toys just aren't fun. 

If you trip, the computer table will catch you, just don't wake Copper up if she's napping on the doggy bed under it. 
Do not take a rest on the loveseat in the master bedroom Emmitt will stare you down till you move and don't even think about putting your jacket or purse there - then it's all his.

Sadie has a monster bed right under the TV in the bedroom just in case the tile is too cool in the master bath .. AND if she's laying half on the tile and half on the carpet .. go to another bathroom cause she's not moving! 

Misc .. On wet days the towels I had so much fun picking out to take to the beach are all over the hardwood floors, be careful .. Doggy meds are next to the micro .. please ignore those specks or splotches on the walls, I have no idea what it is or why it wouldn't come off without taking paint and drywall?! The Doggy books are on the 3rd shelf of the bookcase.  Did you enjoy the doggy art (scratches) on the wooden doors?

any of the pups can show you the cabinet where the treats are kept don't you worry ..

OnryHenry rests on the bar stool or the cane stool in the kitchen .. please let him decide where it's OK for you to sit ..

since the new cat adopted us Onry has decided never to go outside again without his Dad so the litter box is in the kitchen garage along with bins for dog food for doggy's over 8 and doggy's over 60 lbs and a special tooth formula Royal Canin I throw in their food a couple of times a week. 

An old micro cart holding brushes and meds and first aid supplies and cans of wet for both species and dry cat food (for OnryHenry only not that yucky new cat)  Two water bowls in case someone gets shut out there by mistake. 

In the den it takes awhile if you want to get out the Animal Dyson cause you have to pick up all those squeaks and quacks and rawhides that are supposed to be in the basket in the corner. 

The crate under the mirror is only for looks as no one goes in there except me while I'm picking up drool towels to wash or I need to blot my socks from where there were no towels left by the water bowl .. now wasn't I smart to get the one where the top opens too so I don't have to get on all fours, now I just fall on my head bending over into it. 

The tan chair and ottoman by the fireplace are Emmitt's too, unless Copper's there, but lately Cop has taken a liking to MY snuggler, and being she's so old and I'm so proud that she can still jump, I go to the couch (that I hate) 

I'm very happy to report that Sadie is too big for the snuggler and hates the couch as much as I do - she'd rather sit in front of you with her big head blocking the tv screen and bark at all the dogs that live in that box. 

Steve takes care of the cat downstairs - I'll have nothing to do with it - I did get a litter box and "stuff" and wet and dry food and I assume it's down there for the husband to take care of "it".  OnryHenry is soon to be 18 he deserves to rule his roost without some young upstart making him feel old and feeble (and he started marking my house DARNIT - he's never had to have a litter box) 

I could wash storm doors and windows twice a day, but I don't, just like I could vacumn every 15 min., but I don't - I will say that ya'll talked me into the Dyson and my husband will suck up fur at least once a week and I do a couple of times a week and we don't have respiratory problems yet. 

My screen saver is Sadie, my cell phone screen is Emmitt and Steve's is Copper. 

I burn many candles just in case we have a puppy odor around here .. I wish I'd bought stock in Nature's Miracle and little jars of odor absorbing gel in cold cream looking jars, I'd be able to afford another BP then I bet.  Gaye
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Re: Do you have an 'Animal House'???
« Reply #10 on: January 04, 2008, 01:53:50 pm »
I forgot some things on my original list....

We have a kitchen table in the basement for dog holds all bowls, a huge bin of food, medications, etc.

There is a giant hexagonal glass canister full of dog treats on the kitchen counter

Two shelves of our pantry are taken up with pet food bins

We built a "room" under the basements stairs....a shelf to hold 4 litter boxes, walls with cat doors on either side, and a regular door on the back for easy access to the shelf and 40 lb. bags of litter, lol

Then there is all the Pet Decor....signs, statues, figurines, knick knacks, whatever.  We have dog, cat, and pig stuff all over the house and yard

There are ratty, torn up dish towels on the of Bodhi's favorite toys

And as I was typing this, I was reminded of something else...the evidence on ME.  I just felt something wet on my arm...looked down and found some Bodhi drool with bits of chewed up treat on my sleeve! LOL!

***I'm glad everyone is enjoying this thread!  Once again I feel happy knowing "I am not the only one"!  I am showing this to my husband and telling him, "SEE?!?!?"! LOL!

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Re: Do you have an 'Animal House'???
« Reply #11 on: January 04, 2008, 03:03:45 pm »
Well on our house, lets see:

In case you can't see the numbers on the house, look for the windows you can't see in because of dog slobber and nose prints. The higher windows, yes those are cat nose prints. Also look for the florescent orange tie-out around the tree. Can't see it? Thats because the tree has grown around the rope. On the glass/screen door and yes those are more dog and cat prints with tumbleweeds of fur in the door track.

There are 4 doggie beds for one dog that the cat will lay on too. The chair by the front door: don't THINK about putting anything there. This chair is Jager's only. He's laid on the cat before too.  ::)

There are numberous toys around the front room and the computer room/jager's play room. (The previous owners converted the garage into a dining room). Ignore the slimed glass on the china cabinets and hutch.

We two of doggie artwork on the base of the hutch and the sliding glass doors. There are two baskets with leashes and a lot of space for those toys that can't seem to stay in the basket.  ;) Don't worry about the big puddles in the kitchen. Those are from the cat drinking from the dog bowl (3 sets here as well, and 2 more for the cat) and Jager eatting ice (cheapest treat I've found). Half a counter in our house has become "Treat Central."

We always have an extra a/c filter laying around too so we can change that every few weeks. The return is in the playroom.

Make sure you down trip over the two baby gates corraling Jager to the kitchen. The big metal one: yes it's bent from a certain BP hauling butt through it. The cat fur in the sink you ask? That would be from Bacardi having to jump from the couch through the kitchen window and down instead of jumping the bent metal gate. Snot on both sides of the back sliding doors. Funny how the ones inside are about 3 inches than those outside! The big moon chair by the backdoor has become Bacardi's day bed. The towels strewn around the house are supposed to by the doors and bowls but alas, they too seem to have the run of the house.

The bed in my mom's room is in permanent disarray from a "little puppy" thinking it's a trampoline when being "bad." Mommy's smart enough to keep her bedroom door closed!

Oh there is a pooper scooper by both the front and back door in case we feel the need to go in either place. Just watch for landmines in the back since Mommy's been slacking on cleaning up out there.

And I hope you don't miss the sign saying "Beware of the dog and don't trust the cat either"

I'd say we have an animal house, at least half has already been inflitrated!  ;) ::) :D
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Re: Do you have an 'Animal House'???
« Reply #12 on: January 04, 2008, 05:33:24 pm »
After reading this again I remembered some things I forgot. Like a whole amoire full of dog blankets and towels. My friend came over one day and asked where I got the storm store that was half frosted on the bottom. She wanted one. I laughed and told her it wasn't frosted it was dog nose prints, layer over layer. I also have water dishes in 3 different rooms which I am constantley refilling with a 2 gallon watering picture. Oh and my vehicle also has frosted rear windows ::) and dog decals. I'm sure I'll probabley remember more things later on ;)
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Re: Do you have an 'Animal House'???
« Reply #13 on: January 04, 2008, 05:49:32 pm »
LOL this is a great thread.
when you first come to my house, you will notice my fence, its chained and locked shut. so you will have to use the back door. you will see my car with the dog gate in the back, with numerous blankets in there as well.
Go up the steps to my porch door, push it open *unless its already open* theres countless bags of empty dog and cat food cause we always forget to put them out at garbage time. lol and if you can get to the other door with out being noisy peer in the window. if you have been noisy, you will hear memphis barking. as you look in the window, you will see the dining room with plenty of blankets and pillows on the floor, and Memphis laying on them.
our kitchen table has a self feeder and a steel bowl for our cats. there is usually at least ONE cat on the table. there is two boxes and a cat bed under the table, along with a bin with cat food.on the chairs you will find chewed seats, probably lumps of cat hair, and possibly a cat. *Right now you will find alot of blood on the floor and chair due to my one cat having a gross absess*.
Around the table is memphis' stainless steel dish, his bin with food and his plastic bowl. by this time, you've probably already stepped on or tripped over many empty cans of cat food, which darcy gives memphis to lick clean after putting food in the cats dish. you look back toward memphis, and you see our microwave stand, with cans of food, boxes and bags of treats and probably a few other goodies. bathroom- usually one cat sleeping on our laundry in the shampoos all over the edge of the tub and on the sink. our shelf in the bathroom has everything you could need for an emergency, along with countless brushes and our braun & andis shaver for Reba.
leave the bathroom, back in the dining room, Oh you noticed... my shelf half chewed, with my grooming products, more shavers, scissors, chalk, doggy calonge, etc. etc. there is also a pillow with a chinese crested and chihuahua on it. above the shelf is a hook shaped as a dead fish with kitties on it... with my leashes and show leads/chokes on it. By this time youre socks are probably covered in dog hair. lets check out the living room, shall we? oh wait, a dog gate, open it, close it fast... you see stairs to go upstairs, but ignore them for now. theres too much hair on them, grosses you out. lol as you walk in, you will see our Algae farm (aka our salt water tank)you cant see in it. because darcy wont clean it. turn your head, theres a crate. OW what did i step on? Kibble! theres kibble spilt all over the floor. and  plenty of bones and toys... we have an ugly couch, and you can see the wear from the dog claws, but you amazinly cant notice the hair because the couch is so ugly lol on the table beside the couch is probably about 2 toys and a bone, from the bullies having had it taken away. you look up, theres framed pics of zero from his dog show, me handling him.  looking on. a photo of our Zeussy who passed in 05. then you see my huge shelf full of nightmare before christmas, and oh wait, BULL TERRIER nicknacks. everything from a 2ft. stuffy *which is on the very top of our 6ft shelf for a good reason* to klenex covers and puppy love collectables. i believe i have a figure of my Zeussy that my friend Krista mailed me also. you will then notice how dirty our floor is because you are coming to zeros kennel. Zero is always kicking his food around, and it is all over the floor. beside zeros kennel is a grooming table, probably covered in hair. above the table is our new 2008 BT callendar. on the table is the old 2007 one.
OW, banged your leg did you? Thats rebas kennel under neath  the grooming table.  and theres the front door, with a lanolium floor by it. the floor is chewed. the door is scratched will notice the huge water bowl... and probably have stepped in some water from the slobs...
if you open the door. you will notice the broken window beside the door, the outside of the door is scratched up also... and the porch is covered in poo because thats where reba goes. *and we only clean it once a week*. it smells like pee. and you look out in the yard, there are probably abour 20 balls, 5 socks and many MANY bones.
Come back inside, you will want to go upstairs at the top of the stairs are boxes probably a cat laying in one of them. then a fish tank with an oscar and two algae cleaners, lots of cans of fish food turn left, my bed room. the bed is covered in hair. you will see dog outfits all over, and Exoskeletons from our spider. she is beside my tv, and most people are not alowed in my bedroom cuz im a slob. so- GET OUT. lol
to the computer room, my desk has 3 boxes of treats on it. no not for me.  but the dogs. 4 BT magnets, and a bunch of Dog magazines and books. my monitor has a few things on top of it, including a BT mug, a lizard sunlight bulb and a BT statue. the wall beside my monitor has Zeros ribbons and the photos of him from his dog show win. on my desk are also a bunch of ribbons from Jigsaws show. then darcys desk is surrounded by a photo with a great dane & a chihuahua. and a chinese crested named Gala, who was in the New York Minute movie, that we had met. the photos are us holding her.under his desk is usually jigsaw sleeping. further on the wall are more BT and Dane posters, and a bunch of NBC and Saw things as well. there are three shelfs, two have BT stuff on it. the other has computer programs. theres a spare computer chair with more dog clothes on it. under the chair is a rug that usually jigsaw or zero chew bones on.then there is rebas bed and her in it, with her sunlight bulb turned on to tan her. LOL. there are Plenty of old dirty chewed up socks all over the place, jigsaws favorite toy... hum, i think thats about all?
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Re: Do you have an 'Animal House'???
« Reply #14 on: January 05, 2008, 07:06:22 pm »
This is a great thread!

Well, lets see.  You can't see out of the back windows or passenger side window b/c of nose prints.  the back window is also getting hard to see out of.

Since we just finished moving into a new house and there are still boxes laying around, I don't have everything where I want it to be.  But I do have an idea.  Upstairs you will find one cat bed (I have no cats) for Nigel in the bay window.  Under the coffee table is another small dog bed.  I will probalby bring one more bed for Gunther up there.  He also has one in my bedroom closet, and 3 more beds are going in the basement.  He has his own couch and there is a "dog chair" as well. 

Leather furniture is a must and we will be upgrading the family room furniture in time.  Dog photos far outweigh human photos in our house.  3 birds live upstairs, soon to be followed by at least 1 more.  Right now they are in the living room, but the 2 may be moved to a spare bedroom.  At least one fish tank will be upstairs as well.  Nigel and Posey have 2 storage bins filled with dog clothes.  I have 2 rolling bins also filled.  one with clothes (switch winter/summer clothes around with storage containers) and the other with misc leashes/collars/toys.  They also have a huge tub filled with more toys.  They have various jars filled with treats.

1 dog crate is upstairs right now, soon to be followed by another.  2 more are downstairs, and one giant one will be moved from my parents when I get a vehicle large enough to get it out here.

Going downstairs you won't be able to miss about 10 or more tanks of various sizes soon to be filled with fish and reptiles. Half the laundry room is storage for the fish/reptile supplies as well as extra crates not in use.  The reptiles get their own mini fridge for veggies, as well as a food chopper.  A huge ferret cage houses 2 rats, and 1 or two more will be added.

Luckily the carpet upstairs is light colored so you won't notice the hair.  Downstairs it is a shade of blue so i will have to work harder to keep it clean.  Noseprints are already on most of the windows w/i reach and the dogs have only been there twice.

Part of the garage is being considered for one or 2 more reptile habitats (it is a 2.5 car garage), but not sure when I can get started out there.  I had even considered converting the jacuzzi that came with the place into a tortoise habitat but decided to leave it intact.

Each of the animal groups (bird/dog/reptile/fish) also has at least 1 storage container for misc supplies and food.  One reason I picked this house was b/c of the enormous basement big enough for all my tanks.........

One of the bedrooms upstairs will be converted to my office space and a few tanks will probably be moved up there as well.  The dogs will also get that closet for clothes and spare leashes/collars.  I have entire bookshelves filled with books on dogs and other critters.  I have a large collection of animal figurines, mostly Stone Critters and Breyer horses which I'm hoping to finally display somewhere.

2 beds will be left here at my parents for when we come and visit so Gunther will have a place to lay down.  Hmmmm......... i think that's everything.  Our yard for now is intact but come summer I'm sure we'll have the large potholes that everyone else has.  I'm considering growing veggies for the rats and reptiles in the garden in the one corner.