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Cody has the "girlie" surgery today

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I am a nervous wreck waiting for the vet to call.

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
Cody girl is very cute i am sure she can't wait to get back to her mommy and get some kisses and hugs she will be just fine! Marina

Hey, everyone.

We are back home now. Cody went through it just fine. We have a pallet on the floor in front of a heater and cover over her. (She loves laying in front of the heater!!!) She is not shaking anymore but is sleeping. She makes funny sounds once in a while. Doc said that she can do whatever she wants - eat, drink, play. She'll get her stitches out in about a week. He said that she can go to puppy kindergarten Saturday.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and concern. She told me to tell you all HI!

Glad you two are all better and it all went well!  odins says {hugs} glad you are ok cody.  ;)

Oh good, I'm happy it went well and she is now snuggling in her blanket and cozy.  Give her big kisses for me please!!  :-* :-* :-*


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