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if you dont like kinda sick stories click back on the browser

The other day i was eating a slim jim whilst i was doing some housework i put the thing down for 2 secs turned around and it was gone. Of course porter my 7 month bloody was acting guilty but i wasn't gonna scorn him cuz it was my fault, i should have known his nose would have found it
The next day Porter was outer in the yard poopin and was looking kinda uncomfortable, so i went over to see and hangin out his but was 3/4 of a slim jim in its wrapper.
which made my pregnant wife puke i thought it was funny.i tried to get a pic but through laughter failed

but dont worry ten minutes later he had finished teaching himself the lesson of dad's slim jim hehehe

Oh, that is so gross. You should never have laughed about it making your wife barf, though. You'll get double diaper duty now - THEN we'll see who's barfing!

ugh...lol...yo ur poor wife.  Wait until that baby is here....hehehe

If I were your pregnant wife, I would have killed you for laughing.  That is hysterical though.  Isn't it amazing the things that come through our beautiful babies intact?

dude, thats nothing. i had just bought a plastic bowl that bolts to the inside of the crate for my 8 month old bloodhound piper, and i went to work and left her in the car of my mom. well i came home and the bowl and all the peices to it were outside the crate... everything except the nut and bolt... that morning before our trip to the vet she pooped out a 5 inch bolt and wing nut.... so now we call her frankendog... they eat everything...


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