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Hi, ive got a 3yr old female husky.Called elektra. Had her from been a pup.
But we couldnt get another 1 at the time. We wish to get another husky now.

I know best chance of geting the breed to connect is @ early age. So i dont no if this would be a problem?  ???

If any one could give me some feed back on the best solution for this i would be ever so grateful. ;D

Thank you

Meko, my husky is 6 and he just accepts any other dog! He is a people pleaser and if it makes his people happy to have another dog around he is ok with

As long as your dog has been socialized she should do fine. take her with you if possible to pick out your new puppy and let her interact so you can get a feel for how she will do. I am sure others on here will have many more suggestions!

I don't think age is the most important determining factor in deciding when or if to add another dog to the household.  Temperament is a much more important consideration.  As suggested, take your dog to meet the puppy and the parents.  See how they interact.  She may be different on her home turf than she is at their house, but the initial meet and sniff will tell you a lot.  If you are really concerned, ask the breeder if you can try the puppy at your home, to see how it goes and return it if it just won't work.  Is your dog really dominant or territorial?  If not, you shouldn't have a problem.  Cody wouldn't allow a female, adult dog on our property when we were looking for a third dog to adopt, but took to Jake right off the bat and there has never been a problem.  Good luck.

Thank you ever so much for the advice.
Im just bit woried as shes quite dominant/ territorial when it comes to other dogs.
I hope this wont be a problem even thou its an important factor and will slowly dispear when placed, if is, in the suituation.

Cody is both dominant and territorial.  He is not dog aggressive and if he can avoid an all out fight, he will shrug the other dog off and just walk away, with his tail and ears up and alert, watching to see what the other dog will do.  If he is pushed, he will react forcefully, but again, only what is needed.  I would give it a shot and see.  Have you ever taken her to your local pet stores or anywhere that they have adoption events, so you could see how she reacts to a puppy?  Cody loves all animals smaller than him and will protect them from other dogs.  You may end up having some issues later on when the puppy grows up and matures, but by that time, they will be friends and it will only be them working out pack order.  Good luck


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