Author Topic: Giardia AND puppy vaginits  (Read 3949 times)

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Giardia AND puppy vaginits
« on: February 07, 2008, 12:57:19 pm »
I have a great dane puppy (15 weeks today) that has Giardia, either for the 2nd time, or it never went away with 1st round of treatment.  She is fairly lethargic and not gaining weight properly, and just simply "not herself."  Yes, she has been to the vet's twice now.  On top of that, she has puppy vaginitis. Poor little girl.  Gosh, I could just cry that she is so miserable. (in addition to allergies...)

Has anyone else out there gone thru this with their big paw?

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Re: Giardia AND puppy vaginits
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2008, 02:24:30 pm »
Cody is 18 1/2 weeks old. I believe she had Giardia ever since I got her. We went through the first round of meds and it never really cleared up. Then her poop got real soft with no form. She was tested again and was found to have Giardia and something else that I don't know the name of. She was also vomiting this time. They put her on 4 medications and now her poop is hard for the first time since I've had her. I understand the frustration that you feel. I felt helpless, too. I'm not at home or else I'd let you know what meds she got. Oh, and it appears that she has allergies, also. Believe me, I feel you pain. All I can say is that if the vet is doing the testing only at the office then they should send a sample off to a lab. If my vet had not done that then they would not have discovered both problems. I guess what I'm trying to say in my own jumbled way is that it may be more than just Giardia. It was for Cody. BTW, Cody is a Doberman and she weighs over 40 pounds at this point.

Keep us up to date with what happens.

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