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Akasha's story (South African Boerboel...lots 'o pics)

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Hi all.  I just joined today, hope I'm putting this in the right place  :P And I tend to ramble, just so you're warned!

My husband and I were thinking of adding a second dog (ok, I was obsessed with it forever, haha) to our family.  We have a Great Dane and I just figured that's what our second dog would be.  We got word there was a dane at the city shelter and went down to check him out, but it wasn't going to work out with him.  So we decided to check out the other dogs there... so heartbreaking  :(

They showed us 'Peggy Sue' (her name at the time) and she was this pitiful, fearful 83 pound dog that just looked scared and rough.  She obviously had been bred quite a bit, even though she was estimated to be around 2 or 3 years of age.  Despite her condition and being fearful, there wasn't an ounce of aggression in her.  I have to admit, I had never rescued a dog before and didn't want to get in too deep with a dog that had serious issues.  But after spending a bunch of time with her that night, I was hooked.  She was soooo sweet and just had this "love me!!!" face and wanted to give you her paw.  Come to find out later (after we said we wanted her), if we weren't going to adopt her she was going to be PTS the next day.

We were told she was a South African Boerboel, not your average shelter dog.  Come to find out through the power of the internet (found like the one boerboel breeder around here.. she was on their website still) that she's actually from South Africa.  Crazy that someone imported a dog and went through all that trouble to mistreat them.  >:(  She was basically a breeding bitch used as a puppy factory.  Before we even brought her home, she was spayed.

Anyway, she met our Great Dane Chops and they got along, we signed the papers and she's been at home since.  ;D  She's awesome.  Her and Chops are the best of friends (and partners in crime, haha)

I am TOTALLY amazed at the change in her.  We brought her home December 12th.  Here is the before and after pics... I can't believe when I see her bounding around without a care in the world that in December she was fearful and wary of everything.   She's now almost 100 lbs (of muscle.. she's a tank!)

BEFORE:  :'(


(ok, i'd better stop with the pictures... or i'll just keep going and going and going, haha)

Hi Erin..I'm to many critters!  I have always loved SAB dogs..They are amazing pups and your Akashas story is so sad.  Thank god she found you guys...Her and Chops look like they are having a great time!  Welcome and you will love it here...You can never post enough pics!!

What a sad story. I'm so happy she has a great life with you and your family... She looks so wonderful.
Give her a big squeeze for me :)


Wow, what a night and day difference! How wonderful! Oh, and welcome to BPO. You'll fit right in - pictures are NOT negotiable. We MUST have them. Regularly.


--- Quote from: Ali on February 11, 2008, 01:55:53 pm ---Wow, what a night and day difference! How wonderful! Oh, and welcome to BPO. You'll fit right in - pictures are NOT negotiable. We MUST have them. Regularly.

--- End quote ---

Well, I have over 9000 pictures in my computer, so it looks like I get to stay for a while  ;)


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