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This is Butch we think he is a 1 year old Akita mix. Any thoughts?  He is about 25" and about 65 lbs I know that is small.


Butch is cute maybe that and husky? How old is he? More pics please! Marina

vet says hes about a year.

here are a few of him playing with my APBT Chopper

I would say Husky and or Akita to.

He is adorable! he doesnt look so small..ha..ha. .

He definiately has the Akita head and 'radar' ears.  His coloring is almost collie-ish, though.  What a cute boy!  He has that dopey puppy look in the first picture.  I guess he's a bit small, Kana at age 1 was about 70 lbs...so he's not such a small boy.  Kana grew a lot during his 11-15 months...He just recently (in the last year) has hit the 100 lb mark (somewhere we thought he'd be sooner than now).  Kana is a Japanese Akita which is a bit different than an American.  White mask vs. black, a bit smaller (our last American girl was 115 lbs), etc. 

SO, hope this helps!  ;)


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