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Re: I love my dog because...
« Reply #15 on: February 25, 2008, 09:55:11 am »
I truly think that each and every "I Love My Dog Because" should be printed out, framed, and placed in a 'Place of Eternal Honor'.

We have all been so very Blessed. Have we not?  :-* :) :D :o :-*

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Re: I love my dog because...
« Reply #16 on: February 26, 2008, 12:18:15 am »
Damn, I feel guilty because I only listed things about I have to add the other dogs....

Zildjian (our dalmatian) is a big goofball.  Not too bright, farts all the time, and refuses to let any of the other dogs have fun without trying to break it up.  She so desperately wants to be Alpha Dog, lol.  She is incredibly lazy....will sleep all day if you let her.  She INSISTS on having her favorite spot on the couch.  And when she relaxes she lets out this incredible drawn out GRRROOOOOOAAAA ANNNN, like "Oh, I've had the most stressful day....!".  But she is very affectionate, and loves to be hugged!

Dolly (weird hound mix) has the greatest smile I have ever seen.  If you say "Schmile, Dolly!" she will squint her eyes and turn the corners of her mouth way is so hilarious and adorable.  She is my husband's "other woman"....unabashedl y worships the ground he walks on.  She is our prissy girly-girl, but has the most pleasant personality and is the most grateful rescue dog in the world....was less than 3 hours from being gassed when I saved her, and I swear she knows it and thanks me every day!

Ribbit is our grumpy, macho Cocker Mix.  He is so adorable people get stupid when they see him....looks like the puppies you see on calendars sitting in a basket of flowers....but he hates that.  He wants everyone to think he is Big Mean Scary Dog, lol.  He is the World's Greatest Lap Dog....just flops on you like a ragdoll.  And when he wants attention he gives you his best soulful, sad look....and then smacks you right in the face with his paw!

Stubby is our terrified Corgi Mix.  He was abused and seems to think everyone in the world is out to kill him, except Mommy, lol.  I am the only person he really trusts and the only person he will listen to.  But in spite of his fear, he is a spunky and fierce playmate....he can run like the wind and turn on a dime on his short stubby legs, and has a blast letting the other dogs chase him and then giving them the slip!

Rio, our geriatric Black Lab/Beagle mix, is my heart walking around dressed in shiny black fur.  She is without a doubt the most loyal and true friend a person could ever have.  She would die for me, I am sure.  I've never seen such pure love.  She is a Champion Tuggy Player....Bodh i will drag her across the house, but she won't let go no matter what.  She is incredibly smart and has a huge vocabulary.  She loves the water, and is First Mate on our boat.  Just the sweetest dog in the world!

They are all such wonderful and unique individuals, and I feel absolutely HONORED to share my life with them.....
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Sharing my life and love with
Bodhi - Newfoundland
Rio - Loyal Lab/Beagle Mix
Zildjian - Dalmatian
Dolly - Weird Hound Mix
Stubby - Weird Corgi Mix
Ribbit - Grumpy Cocker Mix
House Cats - Bump, Delilah, Stashe, Mischa, Moose
Barn Cats - Archie, Betty, Midge
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Re: I love my dog because...
« Reply #17 on: February 26, 2008, 12:59:45 am »
I truly think that each and every "I Love My Dog Because" should be printed out, framed, and placed in a 'Place of Eternal Honor'.

We have all been so very Blessed. Have we not?  :-* :) :D :o :-*

I printed a copy on pretty paper and put it in Sierra's scrapbook.  I added a few that I had originally forgotten, like I love how she is my step-daughter's best friend and will happily tolerate the things Kelsey does to her (like pinning her ears up like a sumo wrestler) and she will always come back to Kelsey for more.

And you're right...all of us are blessed to have these amazing creatures love us.  It is truly an honor.  All of our dogs are so different yet they all possess the same ability to make our world happier and brighter.

Bless every one of our big paws, small paws, medium paws, stubby paws.... Whatever paws we have that make us smile every day.
Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole - Roger Caras

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Re: I love my dog because...
« Reply #18 on: February 26, 2008, 04:10:43 am »
I love all my dogs because they are dogs. They are best at giving unconditonal love. They all seem to have that sense of knowing how you feel and pick the best moment to come over and put their head on your lap or give you the tinyest little kiss.
Dozer my Coonhound,I love his woeful expression, which he has down to an art, and love the way he will also converse with me in hound talk.
Tealk my Rottie, has the biggest heart. I love the way he is a big softie and snuggle boy. But let someone come to the door and he is instant guard dog with a very scary growl.
Zander my Bullmastiff, he is till a puppy at one year old and I love the way he is a brat to the other dogs. He will come up and nudge them to play. I love his big head which takes 2 hands to pet.I love the way he licks his Daddys eyeballs when he is on the couch trying to take a nap.
Grizelda my pointer cross, I love the old girl as she is 15 years old and has been with me through some major changes in my life. I love the way she still has her dignity in her frail old body. and I love the way she still jumps around like a puppy at dinnertime.
Marksman and Echo my red Siberian Huskies. They are a package deal that came with my husband, I love the way they are a team and will always cuddle with each other. I love the way they howl and sing when I come home. And I love the way they hunt for mice in the backyard,turning over the dog houses and running back and forth without barking.
Dog Mom to
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Re: I love my dog because...
« Reply #19 on: May 11, 2008, 08:23:50 am »
Dear Ratdog owner,

I read in a dailymail article by a vet that he felt that while all dogs were individuals, one dog could be replaced by another. That was a little reassuring as he wrote from deep experience. I was feeling concerned about how we would cope when our two beautiful dogs became old and died..

Lovely to read about ratdog and cordy..

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Re: I love my dog because...
« Reply #20 on: May 11, 2008, 08:31:23 am »
Dear owner of Sierra, It is reassuring to be on a site like this because one sometimes feels blacked out from the normal world as there isn't as much space for one's dog that one would wish for..

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Re: I love my dog because...
« Reply #21 on: May 11, 2008, 09:53:54 am »
What a perfect topic on Mother's Day ... Happy Mother's Day to all ... especially 'mothers to furbabies'!!!

I loved Ranger because ... he was our first true dog (as a married family).  I loved that he was crosseyes and had a pink stripe right up the center of his nose ... I loved that he would fetch a ball only three times and then go lay down in a shady spot with his 'prize', I love how he would patrol the house to make sure all was well during the night, I love that we had the sweetest last moments when he went on to chase bunnies in heaven!

I loved Soldier because he would take off on an adventure, come back home with spit all over his face and 'take his punishment for running off, knowing it was all worth it for the adventure!  I love that when I caught him on the couch and would tell him to get down, he's 'sear' (he sounded exactly like Yosemite Sam in the Bugs Bunny commercials), I loved that when he was a puppy and the vet looked at his tongue and said, "He has chow in him", my response was, "Yes I know, I just fed him" (thinking she meant he had Puppy Chow in his mouth, DUH!)  And I love that he would not die in front of my son, when he came home from school and waited until my husband and I both got home from work!!!

I love Fable because she was the first 'girlie girl' dog I'd ever met, she looks as if she needs a pink bow and a diamond tiara at all times!  I love that she's so afraid of thunder storms that she'll crawl in bed with us even though she knows she's not allowed to (yes, we make exceptions!), I love that she mother's everything we bring into the house!!!  I love that it took her eight long years to finally open her mouth when we tossed her a ball (she used to jump for frisbees, but didn't know she was supposed to open her mouth and catch them!)  I love that she has the meanest bark in the whole wide world and uses it fiercly while hiding safely behind my leg!

I love Minerva because she has taught me that little dogs are not all bad!  I love that she used to fall asleep on me with her tiny butt resting in my hand, I love that she doesn't tolerate the little outfits that you can buy at Petco!!!  I love that she is a fierce protector, even if the only threat is a moth!  I love that she rules the house, even though she's only 9 pounds!  And I love that she bathes herself like a cross between a cat and a bunny!

And Ozzy ...I love how one large ball of fluff can turn us all into total mush ... I love that he has the worlds largest tongue and is never afraid to use it.  I love that the other dogs can steal all his toys and he could care less, I love the dark goth circles around his eyes and the white spot on top of his head ... I love the fact that I fell in love with him from an internet photo and fell ten times more in love with him the moment I met him!  I love that he is totally uncapable of sneaking up on anything because he makes a "Ka-thump, Ka-thump" noise when he's running through the house, and I love the fact that I have no idea how big he'll get, but it'll never be as big as the love he has put in my heart!!!

WOW ... I love BPO for giving us a forum to gush about our animals, even if most people have stopped reading by now!!!

Lacey ... caregiver to:

Fable ~ 8 yeard old husky mix female
Minerva ~ 2 year old rat terrier female
Ozzy ~ baby Australian mixed with 'something big' male

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Re: I love my dog because...
« Reply #22 on: May 11, 2008, 01:55:51 pm »
Such a great topic!!!
I love her hugs, even if sometimes they aren't asked for.  How she tries to play with the cats the same as Smoke, not realizing they are 10x smaller then them.  The way she has to suck up and HAS TO give you hugs and kisses after she gets in trouble.  The way she sneaks into our bed in the middle of the night so she can wake me up when the alarm goes off.  As wierd as it sounds, they way she tries to protect me even though shes terrified of everything and hiding behind me.  The way she is incredibly intelligent and learns everything so quick, even if she wont do it in front of strangers.  That as soon as she gets done eating she has to get into my face and burp just to let me know shes done. That if I even get up she has to follow me and if I head towards the bathroom she's in there sitting down before I even make it in there. 

I love the way the Sioux can sit on top of him and he is completely oblivious to her.  The way when you tell him no he groans.  The way he still tries to fit on one couch cushion, although he hasn't been able to for a couple of months.  The way he licks any and everything when he gets happy.  The way he throws his toys up in the air just so he can go chase them when they land.  The way that he always wants to cuddle.  The way he doesnt realize he's growing and isn't little anymore.  The way he jumps around and prances like a deer after we get home, even if sometimes I get knocked into a wall.  The way he collects water in his jowls so that he can come give you a kiss and get it all over your face.  The way he'll do anything if he thinks it'll make us happy. 

I love them most of all because they can always make me laugh. They are the enjoyment of my everyday.  I love that they are so completely different yet love each other and us unconditionall y.  And I love them because they are ours, that even with their quirks and messes and Sioux fear I couldn't ever imagaine my life without them. 
Owned by:
Sioux - Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Smoke - Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Amaga - Bengal mix
Bandit - Our little black and white kitten

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Re: I love my dog because...
« Reply #23 on: May 11, 2008, 06:48:52 pm »
Yes - I agree - What a great post on Mother's Day!
My Fur-Babies

Maulgrim - our oldest (at just about 2 years)
I love my ADHD Anorexic almost sled dog.  His energy is boundless as is his undconditional love for us.  I love how he thinks he is a lap dog.  My 9 year old loves that he is sweet and loveable and HERS!  I love how he sings from his kennel (crate) when he hears us pull in the driveway.  But my favorite thing about Maulgrim is how he curls up next to my 9 year old if she cries or he senses she is sad.  He lays his head upon her as if to say - Its ok - I love you anyway.  I really love him for that.

Vander - My 13 month old Vander Puppy!
I love how my Vander Puppy hears the referigertor door open and runs into the kitchen, sits down and waits for something, anyhting... with pleading eyes.  I love how he curls up next to the couch at night with his favorite bone and looks up at me as if to say - this isn't so bad now, is it.  I love how he sits by the front window and watches the world go by.  I love how when I put my shoes on by the front door he knows we are going for a walk and he can't wait to get his gear on.  I love how when we say we are going for a car ride he heads straight for his crate becuase he is such a homebody.  I love how this 132 pound ball of fur lays on the floor next to us and rolls on his back with his feet in the air waiting for us to scratch his belly or how he puts his backside in your face and lets you rub his back and then arches like a HUGE kitty cat.  But most of all I love him because he sang to me when he was a puppy and asked me to take him home..... and I did.

Jadis - Queen of Narnia - and princess of the house - Vander's sister from the same litter.
Oh... How I love her woooo-wooo-woooing every morning and every evening.  I love her spunk and her energy. We all love her silliness - especially when chasing a laser light around the house.  I love how when I see her after work she gives me a 21 bark salute followed by this wrapping around me legs that goes on forever.  I love how she jumps up on my lap and thinks she is a terier instead of a malamute.  I love how she ALWAYS wants to be with the girls in the house, even if they are painting their nails. 

Oh Yesssss.. My Jessi Bear - My 9 year old beautiful daughter - I love my Jessi bear because she loves me, for all my faults and for all my mistakes. Unconditionall y. I love how when she smiles she lights up the room.  I love that she is uniques and beautiful and just down right wonderful.. I love her for skiing with her old mom and for sharing the puppies with me.  I love her excitement about learning and about life.  I love how when she sleeps she smiles and giggles.  I love her sensitivity and creativeness.  She is the light of my life.  She is my Jessi Bear!  Love you baby!

We hope everyone at BPO has a great Mother's Day 2008
Marianne and the MALS
Jadis (Queen of Narnia - The White Witch) and
Vander  (One of her loyal guardians)
also Maulgrim (our Huskey - Head guardian and our little alpha dog!)

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Re: I love my dog because...
« Reply #24 on: May 12, 2008, 05:19:43 am »
It is kinda strange because Bryce is a English Mastiff and he does the same things you newfie does! UMM i wonder the one tha really gets me is the computer one Bryce does it so well! Marina
Freya-9 years collie shepard mix
Milo-6 years Pitt Bull
Bryce-3 years English Mastiff
Mab and Angus cool cats

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Re: I love my dog because...
« Reply #25 on: May 13, 2008, 11:10:20 pm »
Fiona and Jordy (neos) open their mouths and wait for you to drop the treat in. When it hits the tongue, they close their mouths. It cracks me up. They remind me of the Orca's at Seaworld. Either they open and I drop or they stick out their tongues out and I put the treat on their tongue. I just love giving them treats.
There is no such thing as a hug with any other size than a big dog.
I look at my dogs who try their best to be as small as they can, to play as soft as they can, and be as dainty as they can and when Im rolling around with them, I know that they have the capability to be fierce and protective should they need to be BUT choose not to.

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Re: I love my dog because...
« Reply #26 on: May 15, 2008, 11:35:38 pm »
 Ooooo Im going to limit myself to ten each or I would go on all day .lol

I Loved Savannah because…….1.  She was never loved before. 2. She was the worlds best cuddler   3.She had an amazing happy dance. Four giant paws off the floor, jump and twist.  4. On one of her many hospital stays, I told the staff how easy she must be to take care of because she NEVER cries and hardly barks. To which they responded with a chuckle “she barks from the time you leave till the time you come back, nonstop.“           (And by the way, her bark, when she used it, was magnificent.)  5.She was taught by people to be mean, but taught people how to love.  6. She was so proud and stubborn.       7. She gave me the push to finally buy my own home.   8. She played, she bonded, she loved. When many said she would never.   9. Once she pulled me down face first in the street on some snow, she never pulled again.   ( after she was done, I swear, laughing at me)      10. She found and softened a place inside me that had unknowingly become hardened and reopened my world.

I love Brooklily because……..1. On any given day she can make me laugh and smile like no one or nothing else.   2 .She knowingly tests my patience, and then looks at me all bratty like “I can and I did.” Then gives me the “Ok, Humph, I’m sorry.”   3. She does not remember that life didn’t start off great for her, and is soooooo happy to greet each day.   4. She seems impervious to pain, and thinks continuing on with her playing is much more important.  5. She is warm and squishy.   6. With all her craziness and silliness, I have seen her switch to protection mode and she is strong, daunting and damn serious.    7. She has a face full of different expressions.  8. She knows when to play rough with the big boys, and soft with my 90 year old nana.  9. She is always shoving her nose deeply into things, like couches or dirt holes, and immediately after, commencing to running in crazy circles.  10. She keeps the aforementioned    ” hard but now softened place”,…….. soft.
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Re: I love my dog because...
« Reply #27 on: May 16, 2008, 02:42:43 am »
ooooooooooo fun

Chewie - ( dont talk about him or his bro much.. but i rarely get to see my guys :()

his gorgeous red coat, how it just glistens in the sun

his deep loving eyes

his tiny short stubby legs, and huge bulky body hes my goofy looking boy..

how he thinks that if he jumps a few inches he can catch those birds way up in the sky

bruiser -

hes the most gentle dog ive ever seen, he lovesto cuddle and give kisses.. you have to make the goob jump on you..

how he never fully lost his puppy coat even though hes nearly 9.. some spots he still has that real soft coat, the rest is long thick and coarse..

how he thinks hes a wolf and just howls at the most random moments

angel.. this is my girl.. i'll try not to go overboard with her

she sleeps with ANYTHING she can pull into her house.. sticks, her food bowl, toys , ive even found some leafs in her house hah

how she uses her favorite stuffed toy as a pillow

her pretty eyes, they always have this sparkle to them

her big smile

how much she adores rose, always shows her belly them jumps up and covers her in kisses, or comes running if she hears rose scream playing to make sure shes ok

the way she dances when she sees me coming to her

how much she LOVES other dogs

how gentle she is even with people she doesnt know, shes never met a stranger despite her past abuse

she always knows when ive had a bad day and i'll sit on her house with her and she gets up there by me and lays her head on me licking me in my face then just looks at me like she's saying "it'll be ok mom i'm here"

when dotty died, she was right there with me nuzzling my hand

even though my girl is gone i feel the need to list things about dotty..

where to begin with her, god.. 11 1/2 yearswith her i found many many many things i loved about the old girl

she was the GASSIEST dog you'd EVER meet.. you always knew when she did too, she'd look back then take off running.. disgusting as it was, i miss those moments.. just that look of surprise like "omg, did that come out of me?!? bye guys!!"

how much she loved cheetos, haha.. she would steal them from you.. you couldnt leave them unattended.. she'd counter surf for those babies!she always knew she had been bad too, you'd come in and she'd get this "UH OH" look and you could see orange all around her white mouth and the bag on the floor.

you could make her eat anything if you just called for a cat.

if she was excited she would bend her body in a U shape and make this groaning sound. we could make her do it by singing a song we made up for her it went likr "dot.. dot.. dotty dotty dot dot.. dotty dotty dot dot. dot dot" and she would come running if you sand that and start prancing in a circle doing her U shape..

if she had to go outside she wouldnt walk to the door, but she'd run in the funniest way.. she would make her front legs stiff and put them straight out in front of her running, then she would run and leap off the porch into the yard

she tried to sneak off a lot, she would crouch down and try to slowly walk off

ok i am making my poor old girl sound like trouble right? haha ok good things i loved about her..

she'd give you hugs, she would put a paw on one shoulder and her head on your other and just groan.. tail wagging..

she could always get a treat from us, she'd perk her ears and get those puppy eyes going and head to a side, or lift up a paw and put it on you licking her lips.. how can you say no to that?!

she would always sleep right next to me,  never at the foot of my bed. and she would work until she was under the covers and had a pillow.

if she was trying to go to sleep and people were talking in the room she would start groaning,and not stop until people quit talking.

sure my old girl was a trouble maker but i loved her even more for all that rolled into a little 50lb spotted girl :) i miss ya snotster!!

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Re: I love my dog because...
« Reply #28 on: May 16, 2008, 07:36:45 am »
I love my dog because...

1) She's a female
Let's face it: I wouldn't make it a day on BPO if I didn't enjoy the company of women, and my dog is the prototypical female: She's completely enamored by shiny things, her eyes are a reflection of her thoughts, she gives me hugs and kisses (especially when she wants something in return), she hogs the pillows, she cries when I don't give her enough of my time and attention, she alerts me when there's a spider nearby and waits for me to kill it, she empties my wallet on a regular basis, and she has me completely wrapped around her little finger.  Now you know why I don't have a girlfriend. :P

2) She has great communication skills
She kindly lets me know whenever she has to use the bathroom or (frantically) if she's about to be sick.  When I smile, she wags her tail.  When I frown, she drops her ears.  When I raise my eyebrows, she knows that I mean business.  She has certain barks for certain occasions and, when she's in a playful mood, we'll take turns mimicking the funny noises made by the other one.

3) She keeps my blood pressure down
Whenever I curse or have an upset tone within earshot of her, she immediately charges into the room and plants her chin on my stomach, slowly wagging her tail and looking straight up at me with the sweetest expression in her eyes.  She absolutely will not budge until I bend down, wrap my arms around her and say "it's okay".   And, believe me - I've tested it - she stays in that position as long as it takes for me to calm down (which is usually only a few seconds, at which point I can't hold back the laughter), then she returns to whatever she was doing before my outburst.

4) She trusts me
She's never once fidgeted when I wipe away her oft-occurring eye boogers.  If she's reluctant to do something harmless (i.e. obeying the vet, walking through a shallow puddle, or eating a grape that I dropped on the floor), she'll do it once I tell her it's okay.

5) It's a mutual feeling
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Re: I love my dog because...
« Reply #29 on: May 16, 2008, 08:08:56 am »
Oh my gosh. I love this thread. Soooo cute. :)

I'll have to write why I love Miles a little later though. I need to collect my thoughts as he just chewed up one of my favorite flip flops :P :D
Milwaukee, Wi

Great Pyrenees