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Bigger than average


Just had to share Falkor's 2 year old pictures..I can't believe that he is already 2..time is just going by way too fast

He is over the standard at 27 inches at the shoulder and from chest to butt he is 30 inches and he weighs in at 90lbs...

But he is our court jester and a very big love bug..

Noww let me see if I can put this on my post..???

Very beautiful Guy! how much bigger is he then the norm for his breed? did you raise him from a litter of pups?

Awwww Tricia, he was an adorable baby and he's grown into a gorgeous boy.  Did he get some fun birthday treats?  Happy 2nd Birthday, Falkor!

Pyr Heaven:
He is so beauitful!!! They grow up so fast, don't they!?


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