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is there any english bulldog owners in indianapolis?

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peytons mama:
darrin really wants an english bulldog and i want to possibly surprise him with one for christmas. by then we will have a fence and he will be making more money!!! yey! (to pay for vets and all) and i want to search breeders but don't even know where to begin. lots of them seem to be scams online. help! thanks!

oh, and do you think they (bulldog and peyton) will be a good match from what you already know of peyton i mean.

We aren't supposed to post breeders on here, I just thought I would let you know. :) So, if anyone knows of any, they would have to PM you.

I would also like to recommend rescue.

And, I'm sure you know, but it never hurts to mention anyway. English bulldogs are not only an investment in the dog itself, but in maintaining the dog's health. They are one of the most high-maintenence dogs in terms of health issues. They have respiratory issues, eye issues, skin issues and joint issues. The poor guys have been bred to look a certain way, which creates a lot of stress on their poor little bodies!!! Just be prepared. One of the main reasons these guys end up in rescue is because they end up with a health problem that the owners just can't afford.

Really look at the true cost of owning one of these little dudes. They're a heap of money.

People Whisperer:
I have heard that they can't be bred naturally and it brings a puppy to a $3,000 average  :o

I think that the actual breeding can happen naturally, but due to the hip structure of the dogs, they cannot deliver vaginally. Every delivery must be a c-section.

peytons mama:
We did research on them about a year ago, before we got Peyt and found that we couldn't afford one (we could the dog but not the proper care for one) but now with darrin's new job, he believes he would be able to pay for it all. I would be taking care of it for the majority though. I (as in ME) have looked into cross breeds of english bulldogs because of the health benefits of them. I would actually really enjoy getting a rescue. But, it's darrin's final vote. He doesn't really see rescues as an option though. He had a bad run in with one. The whole not knowing the background relationships with humans got in the way of learning to know the animal. ya know?!

but...good to know about not being able to post actual names! :) thanks!


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