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Hello,  here are a few pics of my baby Brooklily.She is a new member here.I am obsessed with the pics of everyones dogs,my own included. great site, wonderful dogs, friendly people. My kind of place!  Brooklilys' mum

hahahahaha I just learned how to resize pics, and didnt want to lose them in my documents, so i renamed them. I didnt know the names i put up for my own picture recognition would show up under the picture. As i made the pics smaller i kept calling them "even smaller brooklily" and stuff. oh well. im kinda ridiculous.

Oh She is adorable! Look at those teethies! a real doll!

The name is soooo cute just as she is!  Cant wait to see more pics of her.

She is beautiful.  I love her coloring.  You take very nice pictures.


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