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I'm torn between a Rottie and a Bulldog.  My wife and I plan on buying in August and we have found a breeder for each that will have pups at that time.  Can you tell me what to expect from a bulldog in regards to temperament, health, etc?  Any info would be great!

Thank you very much for your opinion.  I've done a ton of research.  I just like to get opinions from this board from those that own or have been around them.  Trying to decide is driving me nuts!  LOL. 

I figure I can get actual feedback on owning a bulldog.

What type of bull dog are you looking at? I'm a certified mutt lover, so I'd say, find a great bull/rott mix and have the best of both!!  ;D

Some friends of mine have an american bulldog, and she is a doll. Really good girl and family oriented, protective of her home and people. She has needed some work on manners outside of home. Particularly when it comes to playing nice with others - again, she's protective. However, that is stuff that either of those breeds will need extra help with. And for that matter, MOST other breeds need that help as well!! I have not been the least bit helpful - sorry! Hang in there, though. The Rott and Bully experts on the board are sure to post soon!

If you are speaking of an American Bulldog I love the breed.  I had two when I was a teenager.  They are great with family but are gaurd dogs. 

They will naturally bark at people that come to the house and as with any dog wou would really need to socialize from a puppy like we did.  They are pretty healthy dogs.

We unfortunatley got ours from a Backyard breeder and both dogs died at 6 from genetic heart problems.  they were Brother and sister.

I have a friend that has a male and a female. Her female is a little on the aggressive side but she wasa rescue from a man that fought his dogs.  She is great with people once she gets to know them but ify until then.  The male is a big love. 

They actually laugh becasue right up the road from their house is a school and he gets out and goes to visit at recess. 

Her kids will come home with him and tell their mom all the games he played with the kids.     

I'm looking into an English Bulldog.  Sorry for not being clear!  ;D


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