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Free To Good Home, PRICELESS!!
« on: March 02, 2008, 04:01:22 pm »
Taken from Yahoo answers, but I found this so very funny!! ;D

My mother recently passed away and left me with our family dog, she's a beautiful beagle, sweet charming, well mannered. She loves to play fetch, chew on her bullystick, sleep in bed beside you. She just turned ten, so she's an older dog and doesn't seem as active and bouncy as she once was. I thought it would be great, my boyfriend said that he was okay with dogs and he really seemed to be fine for a while! My boyfriend moved in with me and after a few weeks started to make complaints about the dog. He says he's allergic and he is really stuffed up, and doesn't like taking the dog on walks with me. He also hates that she sleeps in bed with us and claims she's dirty and unsanitary. This is a VERY unique situation! Please understand, he told me tonight that I had to get rid of the dog or he was going to leave me!

So...with a heavy heart I have to do what is best for all involved. It really hurts to have to do this, but I had to choose between my family dog and the boyfriend who stole my heart.


Purebred German boyfriend, can be very sweet and kind but is often mouthy if you don't treat him properly. He's almost entirely house trained, but he does miss the bowl occasionally at night, but I'm sure you can train it out of him. He recently saw the doctor in November and I believe he's UTD on all of his shots. He'd do best in a one boyfriend household, and other pets should be avoided as he seems cranky around them. He needs a special diet and medication as he's diabetic, but don't let that fool you! He'll sneak bits of your sugared food if you're not looking.

I'm afraid if I can't get him adopted into a good home by Saturday I have no other choice, I'll be taking him to Four Kegs, and leaving him. I can only hope that he'll find a forever home there. Previous boyfriend references are a plus! But please hurry, he's starting to grow aggressive since I put him on the couch and closed the bedroom door.