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OK, I have a dumb question...  Ranger potentially ate a bunch of Kleenex today - should I be concerned, or am I just doing my usual overly paranoid freak-out?

I found the chewed, (but remarkably still intact), Kleenex box on the floor when I got home from work, but not any chewed-up Kleenex.  So, I assume that the culprit devoured the evidence, because I can't find it anywhere else.  (I also assume it was Ranger, because that just ain't Gwen's style.  Plus he has been "acting out" a bit lately in the chewing paper-towel-ish type items department.)  I honestly can't remember if there were 2 Kleenex or 200 Kleenex in the box.

He is acting normal and of course, I am keeping an eye on him.  Should I be freaking as much as I am? 

i normally just wait to see how the are for the next few days
Our bloodhound always steals chocolate in large quantaties but somehow he doesnt have problems

Poor Ranger...I'd probably call the vet and ask about it, just in case. I'm sure it's fine, though. I wonder what he thought tasted so yummy there? Seems like one or two kleenex would be enough to say "Mmm, ok, not my favorite". :P

Thanks, all.  He's acting totally fine so far.  And, yes, he IS a dork!

Update - he is totally fine.  Fine enough to pull the bathroom trash out of the corner and have a go at it while I was in the shower this morning.  ::) 


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