Author Topic: I hit the motherload!  (Read 2244 times)

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I hit the motherload!
« on: March 14, 2008, 08:00:13 pm »
Went to the Chicago PetExpo today and it was a blast!!  Actually it's probably good I didn't take any of the dogs with b/c it would have taken me waaaaay too long to get thru all the booths.  It was HUGE!!  Over 4 times the size of the one in Minneapolis.   :o

Soooooo many booths and so little time.  Spent over 3 hours walking around.  Lots of rescues and purebred groups.  A few bird rescues, a reptile group, and a ferret recue as well.

The "motherload" I hinted to was what I came home with.   ::)  A greyhound group was selling items there and they had giant sized toys!! So I bought a tiger striped bone that was about the size of Nigel, the larger of my two rat terriers.  Also got a large blanket from them as well.  Bought treats from 3 differnt companies, and wanted to from a 4th but ran out of money.  ::)  :P 

Got a few breed specific knick knacks, several bird toys for Pasta, and 2 ferret toys for my rats. 

The major purchase though came from a dog rescue group that had a bunch of items for sale.  The entire booth was 50% off!!!!!!!  :o   :o  So, needless to say, I bought 3 crate liner beds and 3 flat pad type beds.  2 Gunther sized, and 4 med/small sized for the ratties (Keiko doesn't use beds)

Saw lots of breeds there.  The giant breeds I saw though were 3 leonbergers, one pyr, 2 mastiff, one dane, one irish wolfhound, and 3 st bernards.  Many shepherds, greyhounds, pitties, several samoyeds, keeshonds, basset hounds, dachsies, mi-ki's (don't ask, desinger breed), and too many other breeds to mention.   :)

There was also a cat show going on at one end of the building and I think a bird show on the upper level (the cages had ribbons on them anyway)

Overall, had a great time.  Hubby was mad I didn't take him with. Except that I did tell him around 11am that I was going to leave in around an hour.  Then when I left I said I was leaving.  Sheesh, talk about a heavy sleeper.  I thought he was awake b/c he yelled at Nigel for jumping on his head.  ;D