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« on: December 18, 2007, 04:48:05 am »
Hello, everybody.  Had a question about MY BIG BROWN TEDDYRODY.  Now, he is almost 1 year, he will be a year Jan 6, and he is so nice.  Ive done research on Rody's and it says they are wary of strangers, and dont like other dogs.  So since he was a baby, (after his shots of course) I take him everywhere and let people pet him and let him see other dogs, if there friendly.  Im wondering is he just this friendly because he is a puppy still?  Should i expect him to grow into the traits they say Rody's have?  My vet is German lady and she is so surprised that my boy is so nice, She always ask me if he challeges me and or tries to be dominate.  I told her he better not, im old school, if he ever bites me, he will learn the hard way never try it again.  I dont hit my dog, but...  Anyways I was wondering,  My vet says the last couple of rody's she seen turned aggresive or over dominate with their owners.  Is it just because they way they were raised?  Do I have to worry about my Spazz becoming aggresive towards me, strangers, or other dogs? 

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« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2007, 12:55:02 pm »
It's the old Nature vs. Nurture discussion.... .how much of behavior and temperament is bred and how much is learned? 

My aunt's best friend has a Bassett Hound named Winston.  He is absolutely adorable, as all Bassetts are.  And he is mean as a snake with strangers.  When she takes him out many people try to come up and pet him because it doesn't even occur to them that a Bassett could be mean....and he tries to rip their fingers off.  His owner went through a VERY nasty divorce when Winston was a puppy....he was exposed to alot of anger and tension and even some violence by her ex.  I think this played a big role in shaping his temperament.  And I think your extra efforts to socialize your RRB play a big role in him being so friendly.  He obviously feels secure in his home pack, and that allows him to be more open to strangers.  Good for you!
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