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Sorry, my English is bath but I will try to explain my problem.  When I see standard of the deerhound and I look my deerhounds all of them is higher then standard size. So, what is the usual size and weight of a deerhound 2005, can you tell me what's the size of your deerhound??
Thank you.

Tina Bryl:

my english is not so good.I live in Germany and breed this wonderfull Scottish Deerhounds under the Kennelname :  Irish Dream's

I have 10 Deerhounds and the size from this is ca 80 cm - 96 cm,
This greatest Deerhoundboy is my Irish Dream's Chester with 90 cm and her Son with 96 cm .The Girls are with 80 cm - 84 cm .

many regards
Tina  from Germany

I would love to see pictures ;D  pictures break thru any language barrier! What is the saying "Pictures speak a 1000 words"


Tina Bryl:

here are a Picture from my three Boy .All the Boys are Multichampions - national and international. ..

MultiCH- Intern.Champio n - NL CH. Lux.Ch.Belg.CH . Irish Dream's Ashley    
MultiCH.  Intern.CH.NL.C H.Dt.CH.Irish Dream's Chester
MultiCH.DT.CH. intern.CH.Iris h Dream's Dacapo

Thank you very much for your answer, my own deerhounds have 85 cm,87 cm and two youngsters they are both 94 cm.
Lieve 8)   :-*


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