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Re: invisible fences
« Reply #15 on: March 25, 2008, 05:21:28 am »
I have not crated, we are English and in England you just don't crate dogs. We have made a pen for Monty in one of the garages, it is carpeted and has sunlight coming in throught the windows. He has a bed, endless supply of water and a toy box.  This is working well, he naps out there even when we are home. Do you think this will continue to work when he gets adult.

 I am also in england and to be honest i never really thought crates were a good idea.
 When we decided on a leonberger our breeder swore by using crates & as it would have taken seconds for her to ruin the house or maybe even damage herself we agreed and gave it a try.
 It's the best thing we could have got, she even goes in on her own , if we go out we know she is safe and snug & it really helped with routine, she knows when she goes in her crate its quite time , we have a quilt cover that we cover the crate with and thats it she falls fast asleep lol . More often than not she will lie on her back with all four feet pointing the the sky , now thats a relaxed dog  :)
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