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*update** Maya the Belgian Mal, :(

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Guardian Angel's White lightning:
Well Maya's owner called from AZ today, and said that since he is in the service, that he can have maya shipped to him for $65.  He is claiming she is a service dog although she is not trained (except what i did).  She is leaving us the last week in April  :-\ :'( I just hope that she doesn't end up in the same position she was in before.  I hope/wish that she forgets about him, although i don't think that she will...  :-\  So it is a bittersweet ending with Maya, i will cherish these last few weeks with her.

What about all the other fees for your training and boarding? And vet work? And if I were you I would report him for lying and saying she was a service dog. That kind of insolence really pisses me off, no offense. There are reasons service dogs get perks, and some idiot that abused his dog shouldn't be allowed near ANY of those perks with a 10 foot pole.

Guardian Angel's White lightning:
Oh i agree with you by far....but since he is representing our country in the army...he is claiming it is a service dog...but i think  when he reads service dog...he is thinking army is the "one of his buddies did it"  i looked into the air flight more...i don't think it will happen due to regulations on no animals in ex.large crates, no shipping in may-sept due to the heat. I don't think it will happen now that i have read more on delta flying animals. But he also hasn't made reservations with the airlines either..this dog will be a royal wreck on a plane i can see it now... she will so bust through the crate.  Maya's grandparents (The owners parents) are coming by to pick her up today just for the weekend (because we have a show) and i will talk to them about it today, hopefully with them and me we can convince him not to.  He is just so ignorant about what service dog means...(kinda funny but not!)

I really hope and pray that you get to keep her. She deserves to be in a great home with you.


I am very sorry that you may have to give Maya up - Did you mention the thousands of dollars he owes you for boarding (I pay $27.00 a day)), food, vet care etc.  Can you make it to expensive for him to get her back. 

I truly appreciate people in the armed services and I thank him for that.  But - he doesn't seem to be doing the best for the dog.


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