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*update** Maya the Belgian Mal, :(

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Ohhhhhh.....I don't want to see you have to give this girl up after everything you've gone through for her!  Demand that he pay you for all the work you've done.  Call him on the "service dog" thing, just because he ran her to the bone, doesn't make her a service dog, it makes her an abused one.  And just for the record, being in the army doesn't make you a special person or a good person.  There are morons in EVERY field, Armed Forces included (lest we forget the Solder tossing puppy off cliff video).  Sorry, but that's something that I felt I needed to say.  I hope that his parents are willing to help you convince him that Maya is better off with you.  Good luck, and please give Maya a big hug for me.  :-*

I hate to be mean but the reality is that this "owner" is jerking your chain along with Maya's.  He lost all claim to her when he told you he didn't want her and you could keep her or find her a new home.  If he treated her badly before he gave her up, he will treat her the same way when he gets her back.  She is a trophy for him.  She deserves way better than that and she deserves to be treated and loved the way that you have taken care of her.  Just my .2 cents.  Good luck with the hard decision you have. 

I agree with the last post. He gave you the dog - end of story. He's out of luck. The law would be on your side, too. It sounds like you don't want to rock the boat or piss this guy off, but have you considered just telling him No, and stating that he gave you the dog? Is there someone else that can do it for you? Sometimes it's really hard to confront someone like that, so if that's not your thing, maybe you can find someone who will. I'll betcha there are PLENTY of BPOers that would LOVE to talk to him!

Guardian Angel's White lightning:
I know we have not been around for a while, but i think i am back again.  As for Maya....we had a mishap last week with maya's grandparents.. .where they didn't do any training with her at all for 2 weeks.  Maya came back to us teeth and all.  I have cut all ties with the entire family now and we are on our own.  Maya has had a lot of training since the last time i have been on here...we actually went to...(no comments about it please) remote training.  It has done wonders with her, although the grandparents didn't keep up the training, and now we are having to redo everything...i t comes back quickly though.  She is going to have to go back to the "guarenteed" training because she is biting the eyes of jazmine and titan. I can't have blood...i am sick of it., I have called rescues for her, i don't mind keeping her till we find her a home, but she needs to be placed somewhere else.  This is the last you will hear about Maya, thanks for reading!!!

Oh poor Maya. I commend you for all that you have done with her. I understand that you can not have her stay with you any longer for the saftey of your own pups. Sending good homeing vibes Mayas way  :-*


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