Author Topic: Pitbull bites the boss...  (Read 5044 times)

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Pitbull bites the boss...
« on: April 08, 2008, 05:19:21 pm »
My ten month old pit bull is starting to come into his own. He is starting to get aggressive with strangers. He has been very protective of me lately and now it is starting to happen with my husband. He bit my husband’s boss/owner of the company the other day. I am glad that he understood!!! He does not like when people go right up to him and get in his face. He has a huge problem with people staring at him. But otherwise, he is a huge lover and all of my friends and people who know him trust him so much that they don't believe us when we tell them what he has been doing. He is not fixed yet. We were going to wait till about a year and a half when he was done growing. I feel that even if he was to be fixed that it wouldn't help the problem. My husband has been reading up on the NILIF training method. Has anyone ever heard of this? How do you think it will work?

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Re: Pitbull bites the boss...
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2008, 08:55:27 pm »
I agree. Start NILIF training and get him neutered right away. Believe me, it will help. And do try to take him with you to as many places as you can and expose it to as many new things and experiences as you can -oh, and make sure he's getting enough exercise -a well exercised dog us usually a calm dog.

Well, good luck with everything! Please keep us updated  :)

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Re: Pitbull bites the boss...
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2008, 07:13:28 am »
Welcome to BPO!  How's the NILIF working so far? 

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Re: Pitbull bites the boss...
« Reply #3 on: April 11, 2008, 09:52:18 am »
Definitly have him neutered. I have never heard of this training you are talking about but definitly obediance training. Also make sure he is being excercised alot and make sure he is always shown that this behavior is completely unacceptable. He is young and impressionable and needs lots of guidance. Pit bulls can be very protective but their personality should be a lover of all people. These dogs are very strong and if this behavior isn't corrected it could ,god forbid, become a huge problem. These are wonderful dogs, i am not sure how much experience you have with them but if not much I would do alot of research and get with some knowledgable trainers and owners of APBTs. I have faith your dog will still be a wonderful pet but I wouldn'e wait obedience training and definitly neutering him ASAP will make a great difference. Good luck and don't give up!
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Re: Pitbull bites the boss...
« Reply #4 on: April 11, 2008, 10:06:17 pm »
Oh I hated this phase too.  Grace is just now getting out of it.  But it somes and goes still too.
Biting is NOT acceptable.  Grab his snot and squeeze.  I was taught that would discourage biting.

Maybe give people who are approaching him something to give him, like a bone, so he will associate people with treats.  I tell everyone brave enough to meet my dog to get down on her level, hand outs palms up, and let her come to you...and NO FEAR.   
Without being a complete tyrant, all of you will need to be assertive and authoritative.  None of this, no stop that.  Don't be afraid to take command.  dogs pick up on our voice/tone and confidence level.  If you sound confident but don't feel or look it, they will be extra protective of you.  It's in the attitude. 
Don't be afraid to find those pressure points on him and jab him.  that spot at the base of his neck ... poke him there (with some force) when he starts getting snotty.  That will get his attention.
But nothing will replace professional training and socialization.  i know it's hard to socialize with a breed that no one will like no matter what.  Unfortunately, you and me have 2 of those breeds.  Grace would love to meet people, but she is a Rottwieler you know. 
I make a point to meet "aggressive" breeds in the park.  You can see it in the owners eyes as they get ready to pull their dogs away from people walking by.  They almost cry when someone wants to see their baby because they've been shunned for so long because of the breed they have.  I've met so many German Shepards and Pitbulls and other "scarey" dogs lately.  They are all so sweet.
Good luck.
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