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Help Get These Babies Home!
« on: April 07, 2008, 06:44:41 pm »
Hi Everyone,
I was browsing Craigslist and came across this add, and I had to cross post.

I hope somebody finds this cuties... SOO Sad...

MOLLY is a 4 year old long haired Australian Shepherd mix. Her daughter, BRINGA, is a 3 years old and short haired. They have been missing since January when they managed to slip out of their yard in the Granada Hills area of San Fernando Valley. They are microchipped and wearing city tags. They are probably still together since BRINGA is very attached to her mother, MOLLY. They are medium sized dogs, only about 40-45 pounds. Dogs can travel a long ways when lost, so they could be anywhere. Look at those sweet faces. They need to get home.

Please watch in your neighborhoods, trips in your car, and any trip you make to the shelters. Although these girls are chipped, errors can happen.

MOLLY, the long haired Mom, is very friendly. BRINGA is a bit shy and clings to her mother, following her everywhere. Both lived with children and really love them. If a couple dogs followed your kids home, they might be MOLLY and BRINGA.

Every measure is being taken to find these girls so now we are appealing to craigslist pet community to keep an eye out for them and help bring them home.

If you have any information at all about these two dogs, please CALL 323-388-6541. Leave a message if no one answers immediately. Reward offered. No questions asked.