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Ridgeback mixed with what?

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My friend who is a member here but isn't active yet asked if I would post these pics of her dog Zeus...They found him starving & wandering the streets in the town she lives in & brought him home...That was about a year & 1/2 ago & she says he is the best dog!...He is so good with her kids & they all just love him!...She had no idea what he was when they first found him & because he was so muscular they thought he might have been a Pit mix but then decided he was probably a Ridgeback mix...What do you all think?...Ridgeback? & mixed with what?...Ty in advance!

He looks pretty full breed to me, just not to "standard" with that extra white.  Is he ridgeless?  I've seen full Ridgies that look a lot like him.  Here's a picture of my Ridgeback Play Group.

Thanks for your reply!...No he doesn't have the ridge...But he looks alot like that one pup in your play group!...I'll tell her to come check out the pic! :)

If he is mixed with something, it could be boxer......... ....hence the white, no ridge (although there are ridgebacks w/o ridges) and his face being not quite as refined as ridgebacks usually are.

Edit here.  My bro's ex girlfriend also had a ridgeback mixed with golden (supposedly), although she looked mostly ridgeback..... ....face, hair, everything.   She looked alot like that but smaller.

I might think a little hound in the face.  What a good looker. mmmmm


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