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Well what is your favorite color?

Mine is the Classic Black and Rust.

I am against whites and Z lined dobes so I do not like the whites.

I prefer black and rust also. Had a red also, and everyone would come up and pet him and love on him, and tell me that he was a beautifu llab, or wiemeriner... and when I'd tell them thank you but he is a doberman, they'd jump back and say "Will he bite me??" I'd tell them "Well, you're still in one piece aren"t you?" At least with the black and rust people know what they are and I don"t get approached by the stupider part of the population.

I have 2 Dobes.  I like the black/rust the best.  Also I just adore ALL Dobes in general.


I prefer Black and Rust and Red and Rust over any other colors. Although, I'd like my first Dobermann to be a Black and Rust. After that my next one can be a Black or a Red.

I can deal with the Blues and Fawns but I personally don't like the Whites.

That female is definately beautiful..... ;) My fav is black and tan hands down.


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