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Working for a living
« on: May 08, 2008, 03:45:12 pm »
Well week one of working full time is almost over.  I got home from the county around 1 and let the dog out then sat down to work some.  Grace was pacing and running around since the printer was scarey.  Then she stood at the door and squeeked to go out every 10 minutes.  She seems to think that since I'm home it's her time. 
Today went like this.
1pm.  "Mom! I gotta go pee"
1:15  "Mom! Look at the butterfly outside."
2pm   "Mom! I forgot to go poo when I went out to go pee an hour ago."
2:30  "Mom?  I'm in bed. Come snuggle."
3pm   "Mom?  I think I gotta pee again."
3:15  "Mom!"  "Mom!"  "Mom?"  "MOMMMMMMMMMMMM MM!" 
3:30  "Mom.  Rub my butt."
3:45  "Mom.  Can I have a cookie?"
4pm   "Mom?  I gotta pee."
4:15  "Mom.  I gotta pee again."
4:30  "Mom?  I wanna go for a walk.  I wanna go outside.  I need to go outside.  Blllaa Blaa Blaa...Mom I mean it.  I'm getting upset."   Puke
4:45  "Mom.  Are you done yet?"
5 pm  "Mom?  Are you surfing the net for pron or something?"
5:01  "I thought you'd never shut that thing off."

I hope she gets used to seeing me home and working.
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