Author Topic: Urgent- Doberman Dalmatian Mix Needs Home  (Read 6022 times)

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Urgent- Doberman Dalmatian Mix Needs Home
« on: May 09, 2008, 04:19:01 pm »
My grandma has got to rehome her dog. She can not keep this dog any longer. I have 4 and can not help. and everyone else in the family has a dog (or too many cats) of their own. the dog is about 5 years old, Black with white chest (and the white has spots) i know for a fact it is Doberman X Dalmatian, but it looks sort of like a whippet. She is NOT spayed (has not been bred either), has not had any shots. The dog should be in a home with someone who is VERY Firm, preferably no young kids. The dog has bit 3 times (protecting the yard) never breaking the skin. My grandma is very old and can not control this dog. Nobody else who is living with her will help either (my uncle or teen cousins). She is on her own with this. and needs a home asap. I can try to get a picture. anyone knows of anybody, we can find a way to transport her...

thanks tons!
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