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Hello All

I am a new kom owner. I adopted a black lab/kom from a local shelter. She looks just like a kom but she is black with white toes and a mask. Her roots are coming in white though, so she may change. She was 8 week when I adopted her and she is now 5 months old and over 60 lbs and growing astronically. Her coat is like "cotton" and naturally seperates, but I an not interested in letting it cord (too much maint). I have gotten conflicting advice on grooming for the summer. If anyone has any useful tips let me know. Here is her pict. Her name is TinkerBear, or TINK for short.

Pyr Heaven:
Oh my gosh. She is sooooo flippin' cute. Seriously, I can't get over it! Unfortunately I know nothing about Koms, except that they are gorgeous! I agree it would be alot of work to have it cord. Hopefully someone else will be able to help you better.

Once again, Welcome to BPO.

She is the BEST! But an independent thinker. Training has been a challenge but she will graduate basic obedience next week. Here is a picture of her the day I brought her home at 8 weeks. She was 23 lbs. She didn't stay a puppy (in size) very long. She has been through three collars already and I got her in Feb. She gains about 5-8lbs per week and only eats about 4 cups a day. I don't know how she does it even the vet is amazed at her growth so far. I am wondering if this is typical for Koms? She still hasn't grown into those feet yet!

HAHAHA The first thing I thought is WOW she has some really big feet!! Welcome to you and 'Tink' just to warn you this forum becomes quite addictive ~ there are tons of awesome members that are always around to offer suggestions and hints if needed. I look foward to seeing more pics and learning more about Koms. I'm Kim ~ mama to slinger master miss Libby and little spit fire Storm.

OMG She is so cute!  She is gonna be a big girl.  Sorry I dont know anything either about Koms other than they are sooooo cool!  But welcome and cant wait for more pics!  I am Lori, mom to many and so glad your here!


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