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Need naming help WE DID IT...WE SAVED MAYA!!!!

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Guardian Angel's White lightning:
We have obtained this malinois now, and she is officially ours!!!!!!!!!  SO ...we would like to register her with the AKC so we need a show name (we will be doing agility and obedience with her) So we would like to have it start with Guardian Angels........ ... she is ultra fast dog, she is sooo fast it is incredible.... so any help here would be great.  She is a high energy, spastic girl.  It  can be anyhting.....

Finally!!!  And Congrats!
How about Guardian Angels "Maya" have anotha?

How exciting

how about
Guardian Angels Spit-fire Express

1st thing that came to mind when you described her..

Tricia and the fur kids

Guardian Angel's White lightning:
magic, we love that one, we also loved the first one too!!! You guys are so creative!!!  So when maya comes back from training we will reintroduce her!

How about Guardian Angels Maya's Home?
Or Gueardian Angel Maya Stays?
Or Guardian Angel Maya Ain't Going To Friggin Arizona??

(LOL! Can you say "Friggin" in a registered name? Congrats on your adoption and great job saving her!) ;D ;D


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