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Daydreaming with Roxie

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"Here I am.  Stuck inside yet again."

"And on such a lovely spring day."

"If I was out there right now...."

"I'd get lost in my beautiful surroundings."

"I'd do a little bird watching."

"Some tree climbing, perhaps."

"I'd spend hours rolling in the freshly cut grass."

"And I wouldn't come inside until I was good and ready."

"Yeah, that would be great...."

"Oh well.  Maybe next spring."


Pyr Heaven:
Oh my gosh! I loved it! A little picture story. of Miss Roxie daydreaming. hehehe Tooo cute!

She's so pretty!!!

Thanks ladies. ;)

Guardian Angel's White lightning:
i love her eye...sorry to be she a coonhound?

No need to apologize. :) You're right, actually: she's a mix of black-and-tan coonhound and doberman pinscher.


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