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Today's adventure
« on: May 20, 2008, 10:43:46 am »
Grace is the best behaved dog ever.

Today I took her for a walk like usual.  This boxer comes around the corner, loose and ready to play.  Grace stood there and I bent over in order to catch him by the collar when he got close so I could call him people.  He came close and the pups sniffed each other a bit and I reached to grab him.  Man, he's quick.  He did this a while.  A car pulls over to the side of the road and the family inside was all concerned that I was getting attacked.   I laughed.  I pointed at Grace and said "I doubt it with her."  I wanted to tell him that this little boxer was no match for Grace.  Compared to him, she was a monster.

So they drove off happy I was ok and could handle the little jittery boxer.

He disappeared around the corner.

i kept walking to the corner where an old lady yelled at me to turn back.  "Don't come any farther!", she screamed.  I thought at first she was afraid of Grace to which I told her I was only walking my dog and she is friendly.  The boxer peeked around the corner and the lady shewed him and yelled at him and urged me again to turn back, go home, run for my life.   

I giggled again.  This little guy is only a bundle of energy.   The lady explained that this boxer visits the dog across the street, a large and powerful german shepard.  I told her that that dog and or Grace could probably make minced meat out of this little guy.

I turn another corner and this van is following us.  The driver rolls down the window and I try to get the boxer, who is following us like a shadow, to get out of the road.  The boxer is her dog. 

She pulls over and we try to get him 1.) in her van or 2.) close enough to grab by using Grace as bait.   Neither worked.

He bounced around and teased a little while I explained to this lady, a very mellow and soft person who has no business owning a dog since she doesn't seem to care about discipline, that they make shock collars.   They make the kind that you control and the kind that shocks him if he leaves your side after a certain radius. 
"Put that thing on high and let him get a taste of that once and he'll never do this again."  I told her matter-of-factly.  "You gotta train these bigger dogs from puppies and you won't have this problem.  Notice my dog is just sitting here watching your dog control you by running to and from you like that?"
Turns out that the boxer isn't fixed and this is why he acts out like this.  I can buy that to a point, but there is such thing as teaching your dog to behave from day one.

So, Grace and I led him home, up his driveway and attempted to lead him into his house.   
Still no luck.   Grace saw their cat and all h*ll broke loose. 

So, I head home and Trey follows me again.  By this time, Trey's daddy, a huge 250 pound bald biker, joins the chase.    Imagine, a huge, strong, dominate man like that can't control his 45 pound boxer. 

Trey bounced around and followed me home, but wouldn't come inside.   I tried one more time to get him on a leash before he ran off.

When I think Grace misbehaves, I'm going to think of Trey.
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Re: Today's adventure
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Holy Boxers Lin!  :o Did they get him back safe & sound yet? Hope so. And hopefully they'll take him through training/obedience plus a "snip/snip" too. Every Boxer I've ever know has been a real sweetheart.

G O O D! GIRLLLL!!!! Gracie! :-*


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Re: Today's adventure
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nope.  they were still on the hunt when I left the chase.
I kept thinking to myself about training the poor boy.  He's going to get hit or snatched.

Of course, I was beaming about my dog being so good.  She was getting a butt scratch afterall.  there's no walking away from butt scratches.
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