Author Topic: What should we expect with Riley's first time away from home???  (Read 5138 times)

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Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone could offer some helpful hints about what to expect the first time you board your big dog.  We're going to need to board Riley for 3 nights next month and I'm a little nervous.   :-[  Hes never slept anywhere but home.

What if any vaccines/shots are required before you can board your buddy?  Can you bring some dog toys/treats or your dog's bed?

 ??? I've never even been to a boarding kennel.  What do they do?  Do they lock the poor thing up all day?  Do the dogs get to play together?  Do they go outside/get exercise?  What should I expect when I pick Riley up?  Is he gonna hate me for boarding him?  :-[

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
Riley's Momma


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Re: What should we expect with Riley's first time away from home???
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2005, 12:35:04 pm »
Oh I hate that!  Grace had an awful time. She came home with the runs and Lady was just plain mad. 

So one $75 vet bill for the poops and another for make up toys.  :)
Some place won't let you bring beds or anything personal.  They will just tear them up and other dogs get jealous.  They will give them bones to chew on and places to run and attention and exercise. 
The dog is just a little miffed about the situation since they don't know it's only temporary.  He'll be quite happy to see you when you pick him up.
They usually have a 8x10 pen...with a 6 foot caged in run to play in and they get to see other dogs through that.  the sleeping pen...the 8x10 is most of the time accessible to the run 24 hours a day and is covered and shaded. 
You HAVE to have the rabies shot and boardatella... depending on what state you're in.  Michigan is that way. 
He'll be fine...and you'll both get a vacation.


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Re: What should we expect with Riley's first time away from home???
« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2005, 01:04:21 pm »
Research, research, research!!!! Check out all the boarding facilities and kennels in your area. Ask to take a tour during business hours and see the entire facility, not just the public reception area. Ask questions about the schedule: feeding, turn out time, and if they are socialized at any point, or walked. Everyplace is run differently, with different rules and benefits, and you need to find the place that you feel comfortable leaving your baby with. Then you can relax and enjoy your vacation, knowing that he is well looked after. They should also be able to tell you what immunizations he would need.

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Re: What should we expect with Riley's first time away from home???
« Reply #3 on: August 05, 2005, 01:29:21 pm »
Well I was going to get into my first experience about 13 years ago but...
I haven't had to use a kennel in a long time. I did always bring my food, a ball, bone & a bed. Since my guys have never been in a kennel I would definatly do my homework. Even test it out for 1 night, so the 3 nights your away wont be a shock. When my sister-in law takes care of everyone here she has to come 3x's a day.
Good luck.


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Re: What should we expect with Riley's first time away from home???
« Reply #4 on: August 05, 2005, 03:10:55 pm »
Hey There!  We are very fortunate in the fact that our breeder keeps Ranger for us when we go out of town.  It's like a little family reunion!  I will say, though, that when Ranger came back home it took him 3-4 days to get back into the routine. 

I would agree though to make sure that you throughly check out these kennels before you board Riley.  I know that there are very, very few boarders in our area that have, what I would consider at least, appropriate accomodations for giant breed dogs.

Good Luck!

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Re: What should we expect with Riley's first time away from home???
« Reply #5 on: August 05, 2005, 09:24:46 pm »
someone said research and I can not stress that enough. I have VERY VERY seldom borded my dogs I rather stay home if we cant bring them, BUT sometimes you just dont have a choice. The very fist time I borded here in the US I had done the research and thought I had found a real good place it looked very good and all, BUT when we picked them up one had the runs BAD and one had an infection on his neck, I confronted them and asked how in the world that could happen, and I finally found out that they had used a prong collar on him, he was a bullmastiff, big heavy but very very well trained and behaved. I had to take both dogs to the vet and after that I did my very best through the contacts i have to black list that kennel (hmmmm did that sound mean lol)

The advice I can give is. go there in advance look at the facilities you want a place where they have a good sized indoor area and an outdoor run aswell, now in the summer you want the indoor facility to have central air and that should be kept at no higher than 74 degrees. Ask if they EVER close the door between the outdoor and indoor area so they have to stay out in the heat. Aks if they walk the dogs if so, do they do that in a fenced in area, if not, what do they do if one (god forbid) should escape. How often do they feed, can you bring your own food. I pack the food in ziplock bags one bag per portion and write the name on it, so they just have to give it, in there I add all the supplements and all they need, some places charge extra for meds and supplements if they have to give it. If they say they feed one time (which is not uncommon)ask if they feed more when a dog is used to it.  Ask how many times a day the clean the pens and runs. Ask if the facility is alarmed and if they have ever had any break ins or such things. Aks if it is okay to call every day (I am a pain in the butt, I call several times a day, but hey....I pay these people)

Vaccinations usually required are the rugular parvo, distemper, hepatitis, corona, rabies and kennel cough. If it is a kennel that does NOT require these, well I would question what else they dont keep up with.

Well sorry for this being a long post, and I hope I didnt scare you but it is better safe than sorry and to do the homework before rather than having to pay the vet bill later (I have been there, done that and it is no fun)

Good Luck

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