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I have been doing some searching the eye condition I believe they call it "haw eyes". As you guys can see by her picture she has what i call droopy eyes. Should I do something about this? What are the problems associated with this condition other than possible eye infections? My vet isn't too sure what should be done if anything. Or at least he isn't saying too much to me yet. Thanks for any info you guys can share  ::)

Guardian Angel's White lightning:
Titan has small haws and there is nothing that can be done. When they are bad as puppies, they can get a lot more eye infections.  From what i have found there is nothing that you can do, although i am not exactly sure....i think they can do surgury, but usually there is no need (?) I know that you shouldn't show a dog with haws unless specified in the breed standard...aka bassett hound.  She is also going to be more suseptable to conjunctivitis which you can also get!!! So be careful....

The biggest thing i have noticed is in the morning she has what i call eye boogers and I just use a tissue and wipe them away. I also think they get more noticable as she get tired in the evening.

Rosie has a bite of a droopy eye too. The vet said really there is no need to do anything. They usually end up getting more cookies because they look so

I don't know if Harley has that condition but he has very droopy eyes and lots of eye woogies (usually on my pant legs and couch!)  I have attached one of the photos I took recently of him - and yes he is pathetic looking and gets lots of cookies!!



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